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Most people don't know that...



  • HuskyJWHuskyJW Posts: 7,090
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    edited January 2017

    Montlake Ave says hi

    I know you are being sarcastic but it's Montlake Boulevard.
  • BreadBread Posts: 1,854
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    I thought it was in Seattle. Either way I'm going up there to visit you guys for the game this year!!!! Any advice?!!!!!!!!!!!

    the best way to experience a game at uw is sail gating. The pay per person ones are for fags, so you are going to want your own boat. I suggest getting a used one you don't mind trashing in a weekend(the maintenance cost isn't worth it long haul). Personally, I find Craig's list to be better then ebay if your on a budget. once the boat is purchased just get youre normal tailgating food and beverages and me and the rest of the board will show you what sail gating at UW games is all about. you can pick me up at west Seattle psychiatric hospital at 8 am.
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