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UW recruiting is deader than Kim's liver. The NFL at least provides some off season news and with that in mind, I'm starting a thread to keep track of significant NFL off season trades and trade rumors.

Will the Seahawks trade away this memory in exchange for a plethora of first round picks?

Or will @Bedroom_Russ stay home and drive 12s crazy for another 10 years.

Trades so far:

Stafford to the Rams in exchange for Goff's contract, Goff's shitty play and a couple draft picks:

Wentz to the Colts; Eagles keep his shitty contract money but get a 3rd rounder and conditional 2nd rounder:

Other trade rumors:

Watson wants to LEAVE Houston: (I'm too lazy to go back and find an article solely discussing Watson's situation in Houston)

Orlando Brown Jr is a left tackle DAMNIT!

Mariota is still in the league?



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