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Keep those trip reports coming!


If we can't expect some content in this bitch at the end of a big, April weekend then when can we?


  • chuckchuck Posts: 1,760
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    You guys nailed it. Where do I send the check?
  • chuckchuck Posts: 1,760
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    You guys nailed it. Thanks. What's your PayPal?
  • JECARJECAR Posts: 279
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    You guys nailed it. Thanks. What’s your Venmo?
  • WoofWoof Posts: 234
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    Don't forget, Fleenor knew all of this inside info a month ago.
  • 2001400ex2001400ex Posts: 13,903
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    All they did was nerd out and play Xbox all weekend. Where's the smoking hot southern tanned bitches?
    [Deleted User]
  • whuggywhuggy Posts: 990
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    2001400ex said:

    All they did was nerd out and play Xbox all weekend. Where's the smoking hot southern tanned bitches?

    In Texas, California and Florida.
    [Deleted User]
  • RaceBannonRaceBannon Posts: 29,080
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    They told my parents how important academis are
    [Deleted User]GrundleStiltzkinbackthepackMisterEm
  • DooglesDoogles Posts: 6,651
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    "I really liked the vibe in the northwest. Everyone is really nice here. Completely different than the dirty South. Can't wait to put their hat on the table."
  • RoadDawg55RoadDawg55 Posts: 18,913
    Standard Supporter 10000 Comments 250 Answers Fifth Anniversary
    2001400ex said:

    All they did was nerd out and play Xbox all weekend. Where's the smoking hot southern tanned bitches?

    Years ago there was a recruit who actually complained that his visit was boring and the players hosting played video games the whole time.
  • Any Louis Rankin comparisons?
  • AIRWOLFAIRWOLF Posts: 1,679
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    2001400ex said:

    All they did was nerd out and play Xbox all weekend. Where's the smoking hot southern tanned bitches?

    Years ago there was a recruit who actually complained that his visit was boring and the players hosting played video games the whole time.
    It wasn't that long ago. I think that was probably about 2012.
  • Before I start I don't suggest not using meth, but we all make our own chooses. With that being said lets say somethings about me. I've been smoking meth for about 4 years now. I'm 20 years old, my weight is about 120 to 150. This is going to be long and sad, this happened last November. Everytime before I get high I make sure I drink lots of water, and lots of food. I brush my teeth and use mouth wash.

    PRE HIGH: November 15th
    This was on the 15th of November, 2014. I was at my house. And my check came in the mail from my old job. I went to cash it, on the way there my buddy texted and said I have some flame crystal meth. (He didn't say it just like that) so, I was like good I'll stop by and picked up 5 grams for the price of 3. I went home to my messy ass house. Before I even used any, I drunk a full bottle of water then ate a full bag of pizza rolls, and brushed my teeth and used mouth wash.

    THE HIGH DAY ONE: November, 15th
    Now I was ready to smoke, I grabbed my chicken bone, plate, and razor blade. I dumped all of my dope onto the plate, and it was the best looking crystal's I've ever seen. I took all of the the crumbled buggers and the loose dope and filled up my bone. I filled it up pretty full and melted it down. It made the biggest puddle I have seen in a bone. I hit it about 5 times, and was really high. I started cleaning the living room I finished it up in about 1 and a half hours. I was still pretty high so I went to the kitchen did the dishes and got the kitchen done. I'd say it was about 2 PM midday. I went to.finish the bowl off which got me so fucking high. I finished the house in about 4 hours. Now it's about 7 and one of my Buddy's called and asked if he could stay a few days with me, I said yes. (We'll call him B) I was just doing some random stuff around the house, like putting away the dishes and feed the dog. An hour passed and B showed up. His girlfriend kicked him out of their house.
    B was like Goddamn look at your eyes they're fucking huge, you meth head. B put his stuff away in the guest bedroom. He asked if I would smoke with him I said yeah, but I don't think you can handle this shit. I was just joking, I throw a nice nice bugger in the bone, about as big as a nail head maybe a little bigger. We cranked down on that, he had this meth bong (never used one before) we loaded it up and smoked. Me and B talked about old times for like 4 hours.

    THE HIGH DAY TWO: November, 16
    It's a little after 12 we finish up talking and B asked if I wanted to play PS3 online. So we got everything hooked up. We both got us a bottle of water and a few things. We played until about 6 AM without moving. I played so much I had over 300 kills. On call of duty by the way.
    We packed the bone and bong, because my back started to hurt. I asked B if he wanted to head out to the breakfast bar? Before we smoked. And B said yes, I brushed my teeth and took a shower. And we left, I got so full I about got sick.
    We ended up walking to the gas station to get smokes and a new pack of lighters. Me and B got home around 9 or 10. We smoked out and I asked B if he wanted to help sort and clean the building around back. We worked on that all day without smoking anymore. We finished up and headed inside, and smoked a really fat bowl. Then the motherfucker busted. Me and B was bummed out about it. It was around 6 PM B made a call to a friend we'll call her K. And K brought some foil to us. We told K we was cooking and we needed it. She knew we was full of shit and left. We smoked about 3 boats. B asked to take a shower, B was in the bathroom for 3 hours. While I his some dope because I was starting to geek out. ( I will tell you now how I was feeling and what was my mood and my state of mind. I was really high, my thoughts was racing, I felt really good about myself and everything around me. Over all feelings was, happy,content, epurea, and motivated. My state of mind was clear and I was feeling a little.) B finally came out I brushed my teeth. The rest of that night we cleaned, organized the DVDs, ate some noodles.

    by this time, me and b was sick of the foil and bong. So we started a mission to have someone buy us one without smoking with them. We had someone bring us a new one and a used one. At this time B asked to buy the used pipe and a half. I sold him it and he left. I called my brother to come over to help me finish my basement. (This idea just popped into my head)
    When he came over, we smoked about a half. We went down stairs to clean it up. I'm thinking it's around 11 to 12 AM
    (I was still happy, content, and motivated in working. I was going really fast and was still tweaking a little bit. It took us all day and night to clean, throw trash and old junk away.
    We went outside to gather all the tools, wood, nails, saws, and some other odd things.

    we went up stairs to chill for a little bit, my brother had to leave for work so I smoked and gave him a little. After he left I ate and drank a little something. I ended up talking a shower because I had oil/grease coming out of me pretty bad.
    (Now I was getting a little scared, because I heard someone say my name. Auditory sounds, nothing to much. Still happy, motivated, my thoughts started Toto slow a little bit. Head felt foggy.)
    I was in need of some cigarettes, and toilet paper. When I headed out I felt like everyone was watching me and knew I was high. On the way back home I ran into B we came back to my house talked for a little bit about what I was doing to the basement. He wanted to help so we put the floors down and cut the wood for framing the rooms. B started to come down so we smoked a bowl and finished cutting all the framing wood for the rest of the rooms.

    my brother came over and we finished up a whole gram with the 3 of us. (I was geeked out, my head was foggy, my thoughts where everywhere and I was blasted. (Side note NEVER USE POWER TOOLS HIGH)
    We finished up framing the basement, and my brother put in the wire and hooked it up. And he got a call that his women left him. So I told him to go to sleep and he did.(At this time I felt the psyscois coming on, shadows and voices I kept thinking my brother was trying to steal my dope. I was thinking B was plotting on me. I wasn't happy more like no feelings at all. Really foggy sight, but I'm still motivated B wanted to sleep so he crashed out. I went to the bathroom and looked out the window for like 3 hours thinking someone was going to show up.

    Everyone was sleeping and I haven't smoked in about 7 or 8 hours. I ate some food and drank two cups and bathed and shit.
    I played the game about two hours and I thought I kept seeing someone walk past the hallway and I was hearing someone downstairs. (At this point the fun started, I was hearing people talking downstairs. My thoughts kinda relaxed and I was mostly feeling a little sleepy and awake.)
    My back started to hurt, so I walked around the house and it got worse. I geeked up the bone and smoked out. (The voices died down and so did the shadows. My feelings came back a little bit.)
    At this time I was pretty worried about not eating enough. So I ate till I was full and drunk a shit load off water. I stopped watching time at this point because it started moving really slow. I knew when I was coming down because the voices and shadows would start. So I smoke some more.


    I finished a descent sized bowl, and bust a kind big rock out. Smoked a bowl then one more. I was really tweaking. (Voices, shadow people, people walking on roof, thought the police was looking for me, kept the doors locked, blinds down, whispering, hiding in places like the closet, Under the bed everytime I heard a bump or any kind of noises. I finished up two more bowls and stayed up one more day.


    My body shut down and didn't want no more meth. I fell asleep in the bathroom for about 7 hours till my brother woke me up. He left when I stood up I was really sleepy and light headed. I made it to my bed and slept about 18 hours. I got up used to bathroom everyone was gone I ate and drank some water. Fell asleep about 10 more hours. I felt like shit, I was in pain my legs, arms, neck, and back hurt really bad. I showered and did my hygene. I was feeling like shit I took some advil felt a little better. (When I woke up I felt sleepy, depression, pain, restlessness, pretty much like I just got jumped and beaten. And I wait 2 to 3 days before I get high again.

    I'm sorry this fucking thing is huge, I want the people that never used meth how fucked it is. The other reason I maid it so long is because you do a lot of things on meth and you'd never understand what it's like to be high on it. The times are not exact time but it's rough estimate.

    @Tequilla is proud of your work.
  • AtomicDawgAtomicDawg Posts: 1,832
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    edited April 17

    2001400ex said:

    All they did was nerd out and play Xbox all weekend. Where's the smoking hot southern tanned bitches?

    Years ago there was a recruit who actually complained that his visit was boring and the players hosting played video games the whole time.
    I think there was a recruit from Compton, a cb that ended up signing with wazzu that had that take.
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