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Jude Wolfe, 2019 4* TE, Bellflower (St. John Bosco), CA (OFFERED 9/6/17)



  • AIRWOLFAIRWOLF Posts: 1,666
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    Hey Jude, don't make me sad
  • Dennis_DeYoungDennis_DeYoung Posts: 13,042
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    dnc said:

    I tend to think PaoPao does more than we realize. Being the one Sark holdover on the staff it doesn't seem like Pete would feel any great loyalty to him. Yet here he is, four plus years later. Pete's shown a willingness to fire his guys who aren't producing, I don't think he'd hesitate to fire a guy who wasn't his.

    I imagine there's a good reason he's still around.

    He was retained because we needed a Poly coach on staff. Pete offered the position to Marques and MT, in all his wisdom, followed Sark to USC.

    He's not some fucking magician. He's just some random doucher. He's not bad enough to get fired because we never need to recruit anyone who is that hard to get (he won't get them if they are) and he's a good enough coach to hang around.

    How bad of a coach do you have to be to fuck up coaching in Pete's system? Only Pease has gotten fired for coaching and he was just arrogant.
  • DoogCouricsDoogCourics Posts: 100
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    Visiting this weekend with a handful of others.
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