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  • I picked a better place for a long walk this week. src="https://us.v-cdn.net/5020263/uploads/editor/8c/3d6j8t0cl767.jpeg" alt="" />
  • Even my podunk little Burg is trying to ruin the literally 4 x 4 square block downtown that’s there by having a bike lane in one of the through routes. It’s been there for 2 years and there’s little impact as I’ve never seen ONE FUCKING BIKE ever. B…
  • Whats next? An attack on single mothers? I know lots of single mothers who work really hard and do a great job!!!!!11! #metoo.
  • I was hoping for an @BearsWiin in this one.
  • Wow. I was wondering wtf this Jones coach was for USC, and saw that it was of course, Howard Jones in the 20s and 30s. And then I saw John McKays record at SC. There’s no doubt He had some great Seasons, but they had a lot of shitty Seasons while He…
  • This is definitely the shittiest 80 plus poast thread ever.
  • https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/18/politics/bill-gates-donald-trump-intl/index.html Gates also said he discussed science with Trump on two separate occasions, where he says the President questioned him on the difference between HIV and HPV. HPV stands…
  • Wild Duck is a decent joint.
  • The views expressed here are not my own. In that cover, it appeared at first glance, He was gonna Chevy up your Dog. And as a proud Ford Bronco owner, that’s the Line and the shit that simply won’t stand here in Gods Country.
  • Thread lost steam quick.
  • Kevin Durant has 1 assist total through 2 games. Westbrook is the ballhog though. When nobody else can hit a shot, they’re arent many assists to be had. Without Durant, they get run in Game 1 like they did in Game 2.
  • Well, there are some chinsere comments in this thread, even by OBK, our resident big meanie face. Not sure there's any point blaming anyone. Who knows how the subtle process of alienation and loneliness that leads from one bad decision to another …
  • And Utah was better this year after losing him. I mean he played a quarter of the first game this year. Yikes. You don’t think Utah would have been a better team with Hayward? Not good enough to beat Hou sure. And one good argue that Mitchell does…
  • The city does not have a revenue problem. It have an inability to tell the bums to LEAVE problem. No issue has made me think of the old saying, “If you're not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you're not a conservative at forty, you hav…
  • The city does not have a revenue problem. It have an inability to tell the bums to LEAVE problem. Like every other City on the West Coast does now. It's time to pack up and head east a little bit, where it actually gets cold enough to where t…
  • GS was 1-1 in the finals without Durant and beat the Thunder like a drum Quite honestly there is no way that GS should not be going for a 4 Peat other then the loser who is being maligned here finding a way to beat them even without Brad Steven's a…
  • @YellowSnow For the love of Allah... Please fast track this thing through in like 2 days
  • So wait, you made a pole about war movies and didn't include The Deer Hunter? Good movie, but too long and slow to be the best. I wouldn't expect an Asian to have The Deer Hunter on their list of faves. Some Deers look like Dogs from a dis…
  • I'm hearing it's not Dunkirk.
  • I'm not saying that there isn't shit to fix in terms of the way clinics and hospitals bill their patients... But it seems like there's a lot of people in America who want to have their cake and eat it, too. I know this guy who makes damn good money…
  • And yes, it was filled with white people. It also seemed like it was mailed in for the most part. Saving Private Ryan is 20 years old and it had way better blood and guts and made you feel scared like you were there. Maybe I'm jaded but I never rea…
  • My favorite soccer player is a Muslim. 2 vests=no mas Futbol poasts.
    in PM to OBK Comment by salemcoog May 16
  • imagine if durant wasn't a beta coward and went to boston how fun would gsw boston be Still going to be a lot of fun ... the next few years of Boston vs GS will be a ton of fun to watch Uh no Exactly. C’mon on Teq. Everybody knows that LeBro…
  • https://si.com/nba/2018/05/15/celtics-brad-stevens-jayson-tatum-terry-rozier-nba-playoffs Don't call them underdogs @dnc Well if Rohan Nadkarni says no I take it back. I did pick them to win the series after all. I think they're the better tea…
  • Rockets need to unleash Capela in the 2nd half, P&R was non existent It doesn't work as well when Draymond is guarding Capela and can easily switch off onto the original pick and roll and Capela isn't allowed to roll freely Capela will neve…
  • The goalpost was an ounce. Fuck why do I bother.
  • I know I chinned it, but if you're smart you've been betting without a problem already. All this does make gambling more expensive. I like to talk about smarts then say something fucktarded. That's what I like to do. You don't think integrity fe…
  • I thought Don’t.
  • Spend a dark rainy night in Rio to get some perspective.
  • Kiss the ring bitch Where’s my 2 seconds!!!!!!’
    in Reminder Comment by salemcoog May 15