Younger Fan Eager to Finally See Good Football

My First Husky Football game was an eventful one. It was a crisp (pouring buckets of rain) fall afternoon with my Dad in the north side upper deck in 1996 against a hapless opponent in San Jose State. Corey Dillon and the UW offensive line did things in that game that I don’t believe an 11 year old should have been allowed to witness (222 rush yards and an 83 yard TD catch in the FIRST QUARTER), but nonetheless that game hooked me on UW Football.

I am a young Husky fan, 29 years old; I barely remember Don James. I have seen many friends and people my age have no interest in UW Football. Our adult fandom began in 2003, just as UW Football was entering the dark ages of their program. That generation of fan that I am a part of had their eyes focused on other programs, namely Oregon, and who can blame them? Somehow I stayed with it and my passion still remains.

And here we are today, it is 2014 and a new era of Husky Football is upon us. The coach of my favorite college football team that has made me angry more often than happy has a résumé few in the history of the sport can match. He has a career record of 92-12, he has won 2 BCS games at a small conference school, he is the only two time winner of the Bear Bryant Award given to college football’s best coach, and I am pretty sure my Wife would leave me in a heartbeat for him.

As a fan with limited real life experience with UW Football greatness, I must say I am a little nervous. I truly believe this program is going to return to a dominant position in the PAC12, and that scares me. How am I going to get through games that are actually intense, meaningful, and exhilarating in November? What am I going to do if we are playing WSU for a chance to go to the PAC12 Championship? What happens if I am sitting in my seat at Levi’s Stadium watching a Chris Petersen lead team in a tight battle against a team from the PAC12 South in the PAC12 Championship Game? I have not been prepared for this. I am not sure if my heart will be able to withstand it, and I can’t turn to alcohol because Coca-Cola is my drink of choice.

All I know is that I will enjoy this ride. I am excited to watch a team that is consistent; not staggering through games against inferior opponents and then the next week playing to their potential against a better team. I am excited to follow a coach who is committed to a process that he truly believes in; not just a coach that is speaking words that he doesn’t truly believe. I am excited to see a team that places importance on special teams; not a team where the special teams coach is an afterthought and doesn’t know what the hell he is doing (TY MONTGOMERY JUST SCORED AGAIN). I am excited to watch a staff recruit kids that they truly believe in as a person and football player; not a staff shooting for the stars and hoping it all pans out. And finally, I am excited to have a coach that is addicted to running and details; not addicted to patrón and waitresses.

For the first time in my adult UW Football fandom the season is here and I am excited. We are all in for some fun years ahead and I am so happy to be doogin’ it up right now with so many of you!


Writer's Note: I am thrilled to get the opportunity to write a weekly column for Hardcore Husky, I hope you enjoy my work, and if not I don’t really care.