College Doog's Friday Football Forecast

MadSon (8-2)

The Huskies have beaten the Beavers 100% of the times they have faced them with Sark as the Huskies' coach... while playing at Husky Stadium.

The Huskies have lost to the Beavers 100% of the times they have faced them with Sark as the Huskies' coach... while playing at Reser Stadium.

The game is at OSU this year so I think it should be clear who will win. I just don't feel like this team has the will to win this one on the road. I think it will be a close game but I just don't see a Husky victory. OSU has the good coaching that makes their success somewhat intangible - they just play good fundamentals and can win games.

UW - 21
OSU - 24

RoadDawg (9-1)

I would like to think this is a circle the wagons, backs against the wall type game for Sarkisian and the Washington Huskies, but I have my doubts. Mediocrity is happily accepted by the UW brass and many of the fans. In Scott Woodward's and Phil Bleenor's opinion, you can't expect a second year coach to go into Bean Burrito Stadium and beat the mighty Beavers. Sarkisian already has two ready made excuses for the upcoming loss. If Keith Price plays, it is tough to beat a good team on the road with a banged up QB. If Cyler Miles plays, you can't expect a QB in his first start to win a Pac 12 game on the road.

If history tells us anything, there is no chance Sark wins this game. As pathetic as it is, it would probably be his best or second best win he had ever had on the road. If beating Oregon State on the road in year five is a marquee win, something is wrong. Even a wet, sandy cunt like Woodward should be able to realize that. I want Husky Football to be fun again, not just something I watch out of habit. I miss Washington, dammit!

Oregon State 45 UW 27

AZDuck (8-2)

Its going to be a cold night in Corvallis as the Huskies take on the Mighty Beavers of Oregon State.
The Beevs have no running game. At all. This means that, in theory, UW should be able to drop 7-8 into coverage every down and use stunting and occasional blitzing to get pressure. Also, OSU's defense just okay. There's more than enough talent in UW's backfield to get plenty of yards and score some points.

All that being said, somehow, Sark will fuck this very winnable road game up.

Oregon State 48
Washington 42

dnc (10-0)

Keith Price is the reason UW has struggled the last two years. We can't win without Keith Price.

You can't expect Sark to go on the road and beat a former NFL head coach in only his fifth season.

Don James never had to face a hypothetically ranked Oregon State.

Other doogisms.

Oregon State 38
Washington 24

CollegeDoog (8-2)

OSU 33, UW 24