We're playing Husky football - we're playing defense.

Founded near the turn of the 19th century, both GM and the University of Washington, through ups and downs, grew to be major powers in the 80’s and 90’s only to face bankruptcy (literally and figuratively respectively) in 2008.  Thanks to bailouts both entities had the opportunity to reemerge and after some rocky years both entities are back.  Buick, Cadillac, and Chevrolet are all up and GM is no longer owned by the government.  The Huskies are 5-1 and more importantly we played “alright” last Saturday and dare I say we saw Husky football again.

The main talking point about the team has been our defense.  As it should be.  Husky football is defense focused.  The hallmarks of great Husky teams have always been defense.  In 1984 we had the vaunted Purple Reign defense and despite averaging over 41 points per game, the defense was the hallmark of the 1991 team. 

Our team has gotten better week on week this year and the defense has been the biggest stand out.  Chris Petersen proclaimed that Budda Baker would be playing at a high level by the middle of the season.  Lo and behold that came true.  We have seen progress across our defensive backs and with Marcus Peters having a supporting cast our front seven have been able to make plays.  A lot of that has come from our star power in Predator (who as we all know by now leads the nation in defensive touch downs with four), Iron Law (who has progressed from being an immovable object to an unstoppable force in the middle of the lines), and Hau’oli Kikaha the Flyin’ Hawaiian (who has been a bright spot on the defense for years and surprises no one with his domination this year).  Our defense, from superstars to reserves held a decent Cal offense to 7 points.  Cal may not be a great team this year but they can move the ball and we did a pretty good job of shutting them down.  I state without proof that if we played Eastern Washington again this year they would not score half as many points as they did earlier this season and we would have defensive statistics garnering national attention.

The thing that has me most excited though is that we’re not done.  We’re still getting better.  Our good defense will become a great defense.  Petersen will not rest until our team is playing really good football.  He will never think ‘good enough’ and he will never say we’re playing with house money.  He is more likely to start cursing when we have a late game false start, even when we’re up 31-7, because it is sloppy, undisciplined, and belies a weakness that exists and will be there when the game is on the line.