Washington Football: ROADDAWG weighs in on Washington-Alabama Game

By RoadDawg55

Playcalling gets too much attention at times, but it always hurts us in these types of games. Hate to bring up irrelevant points from the past, but there was a reason for the boring playcalling of the Don James teams.

Browning - Doogs might use the young QB/underclassman excuse but how does he get markedly better? Alabama is basically an NFL defense and you aren't beating them with a QB that has physical limitations.

OL - I've been loving these guys but Alabama is a different beast. Gotta keep developing. I would love to commit to using Dissly/Sample and being the baddest motherfucker on the block next year, but Petersen offenses have never really been like that.

DL - I know coach K is our DC, but he's the best DL coach in the country. How fucking good was Jaylen Johnson? Turpin, a guy written off by all of us long ago was making plays against Alabama.

LB- Did your job. Bob Gregory was a top 2-3 DC in the PAC 10 at Cal. He's our LB coach. But how is our d staff unbelievably good?

DB - All studs. No words for Baker. Please come back Jones. Kevin King you are the swaggiest dude on the team and not a pussy either. You have heart. Love all these fucking guys. We all know about Lake too.

Petersen, I was wrong about you. You know what the fuck you are doing. Still wish you had a slightly different philosophy on offense, but the stats show that is a somewhat crazy complaint.

I'm somewhat mad, a little disappointed, but you guys proved something all fucking season and made bitter fucks like me happily come along for the ride.