Top 10 Rationalizations to feel better after the Super Bowl Debacle

10. At least it wasn't the Huskies

9. Billions of years from now, the sun will engulf the earth and none of this will matter.

8. Perhaps this will strengthen the Seahawks' resolve and they'll rematch with New England next year much like Hagler-Hearns and other great boxing rivalries

7. For those combination Duck/Seahawk fans out there, at least they will finally experience how one play can cause them years of grief.   

6. Maybe this will finally get Darrell Bevell fired

5. I could totally see Sark making that same call at the goal line

4. Perhaps Pete Carroll will finally learn he's not coaching in the WAC anymore

3. The Seahawks secondary would be much stronger next year with the addition of Marcus Peters

2. At least it wasn't the Huskies

And the number one rationalization for feeling better after the Super Bowl debacle...

1. Maybe this will result in more BOUNCE! threads on Hardcore Husky