The Dawning of a New Era is Upon Us

Just a year ago, Steve Sarkisian was standing on the Washington sideline during a scrimmage. A play developed, and a lineman ran into Keith Price, sending the senior QB sprawling to the turf. Price turned out to be okay, but Sarkisian was fit to be tied. Sark removed his visor and slammed it to the ground, before pitching a tantrum and throwing himself bodily to the turf. He lay there for a moment, staring into the sky in exasperation, before climbing back to his feet.

So much has changed since then. USC whisked Sark away last December, and ever since then we Half Brains have crowed up a storm. 

After Sark's gaffe yesterday, you have to wonder at what point USC athletic director Pat Haden is going to get that sick feeling in his stomach that is known as buyer's remorse.

But Sark's not our problem anymore. And the more we hear about how things are progressing under new Washington coach Chris Petersen, the more fired up and doogish we Half Brains are getting.

The season starts this week, starting with Thursday's 3PM kickoff between South Carolina and Texas A&M. The Cougs are also hosting my beloved Rutgers at The Clink. And then on Saturday, of course, Washington kicks off their season with a road opener against Hawaii.

Hardcore Husky will have a great lineup each week during the season. Race Bannon's Duckfighter Illustrated will appear on Tuesdays, CokeGreaterThanPepsi will be featured on Wednesdays, Mad_Son will be on Thursdays, and my articles will appear Mondays. 

We're grateful for the incredible growth of our website and support from those of you who have donated. We look forward to the most enjoyable season of Husky football since Tui and Neuheisel led U-Dub to Pasadena 14 years ago.

Go Dawgs!