Tailgater Goes Peter Finch following Stanford Loss

By Tailgater

WE FUCKING LOST AGAIN........ TO A FUCKING TREE! Get a grip Dawgfans........ when is this bullshit ever going to end? Sorry, but it's not just the losing. It's also the sloppy, unfocused and undisciplined way we lose that pisses me off. Style points are important, at least to me, because they mean we're going to kick more butt next week and do it the Husky Way.

Yeah, it was close, the kids fought hard and looked like they had fun for almost 60 minutes....... but there was still slop on the field for us to wade through to get to the entertainment and try to find whatever it is we spend our coin on. Just another game where Huskies helped the other guys probably as much as the other guys could help themselves. That always sucks more than the final scoreboard.

I'm sitting here 550 miles away trying to decide if I want to come over there and watch UW lose a tenth straight to Oregon's team of flying space cadets. I'll probably do it and perhaps have a good time watching live instead of on TV as SarkBall struggles to keep the best college team in America under 60 points. But first, I must scream some more.