SEC, Weak One

By Puppylove_Sugarsteel

Greetings college football fans, and J, Race, Boobs (posters on the Hardcore Husky message boards).  It was an amazing opener. EVERYTHING it was built up to be and then some. Upsets, nail biter’s, blowout's, surprises, redemption, yawners, conference distinction, poorly timed match-ups of powerhouses, terrible calls, great individual plays, a memorable and historic game on Lambeau Field, a day when 2 five-star quarterbacks, from the little ole' state of Washington, were on the big of them good enough to put Washington in the playoff, the other an alien species crunched into a Trojan helmet.
      I also noticed 1 pathetic and 1 sub par performance by two Heisman favorites and yet another typical jaw dropping Heisman performance by another.  He who just happened to get the shaft last year because of his skin color.  I guess breaking Barry Sanders all time, all-purpose yards mark by 250 wasn't enough. McCaffrey's SAT scores bettered Derek Henry's Heisman Trophy yardage!  But he had nothing to do with Alabama, ESPN and the East Coast., he is from a smart-kids' school on another coast.   Christian is the third place early-season Heisman candidate this year.  Are you kidding me? McCaffrey is the only 5-tool player in the country. He was better than Barry Sanders, not only for his stats, but because he did more.  He was a better tailback than Derek Henry alone.   Better hands than any back out of the backfield or tailback lining up at WR. The best tailback playing kick and punt returns by a mile.  Oh, he's pretty effective as a wildcat quarterback too.  So pay attention East Coast, don't get it wrong again!

Now back to the weekend. We had one of the most epic games in college football history in terms of opening day, and another the greatest turnaround in one program's history.  Puppy just happened to pick FSU, versus Ole Miss and for the playoff.  Oh puppy also picked Houston and Texas to upset their respective top 10 teams.  I did not expect Wisconsin to beat LSU, South Alabama over Mississippi State, the debacles at Arkansas, Missouri Kentucky and Tennessee, but will get to that.
Texas proved that firing your head coach after 2-3 years is a bad idea. Many hardcore
Huskies can attest to that. Good coaches win with their players, not lazy out of shape players from former administrations. It takes 3 to 5 years to turn a very bad program around, Charlie Strong and a certain coach up in the corner of the Pacific Northwest can attest to that too.   Coincidentally PL SS has been preaching this for three years.  “No bandwagon jumpers this year” some college football fans are saying.  Charlie Strong and Texas deserve to be ranked, all of his hard work is beginning to pay off.  Kind of like that coach up in the tiny corner of the Pacific Northwest... we'll get to that!

The Big Ten did what they were supposed to do so much ado about nothing there, the big 12 showed what they are… A three team league without a conference championship game. Oklahoma sure misses Striker and Shepard. And the AP voters sure missed that they were gone to the NFL. The ACC showed what they are… A two team league heading for a showdown.. 

     What about the PAC 12? Well, the deepest conference in the country is what I still see.  Stanford is what they've been every year under David Shaw, a knock-em dead drag-em out PAC12 power football team. They can beat anybody in the country. Oregon is a juggernaut on offense and a question on defense. But I'll stack them up against any other conference team top to bottom if they shore up their defense.  They're a downhill SEC team with Freeman and a ACC spread team with their skill.  Washington is the number eight in the country, although a little high I think.  But if it took you this long to buy into Peterson, you really haven't paid much attention to him over the last decade.  If your winning percentage is above .800, at any level, you kind of know what you're doing;  it's a pity so many dog fans don't understand, and you know who you are!   

     WSU is an enigma, and losing to Eastern didn't help much. But we saw who they beat last year and everyone is back.  Eastern is a horrible matchup to start the season. We saw that our very own eyes in huskyville a few years back .ASU is as solid a middle of the pack team there is in the country.   UCLA is a better team than Texas A&M, in my mind. An overtime victory at home hardly separates the two.   If only because Rosen is twice the QB Knight is?  USC is a 9-4, 8-5 team with as much starting 11 talent on offense, if not more than anyone in the country.  But that defense...ugh,  If anyone believed the sanctions would not have lasting effects, they weren’t alive in the 90's, when Washington went through similar ones..  Poor Helton!

     The bottom of the conference, Colorado and Oregon State sure didn't look like other conferences bottom feeders.  The worst team in the conference Oregon State, went on the road and almost beat a mid-tier big 10 team.  Colorado could hang with any team in the SEC East.  A pretty telling statement to me!  Which brings us to the conference who usually gets mistaken for the pac12.

Finally to the SEC, SEC, SEC!  Let me start by saying I think the SEC has one really good team. I think a bit overrated at number one, and will lose at some point, but good.  As far as the rest of the conference I'm smiling ear to ear, as finally college football will hear the drum I've been beating for 15 years.  One, that the SEC is overrated, more years than not... Two, that the BCS was in the SEC's back pocket, along with ESPN and the East Coast media monopoly for too long. So long that people started to believe it!!!!.

     The best two teams I saw in the SEC were Alabama and Georgia.  Tennessee had their chance with Butch Jones to secure the SEC East crown this year with ease.  Well that obviously didn't happen. I think even the bottom feeders at hardcore husky can agree now that SEC East is the worst division among the power five conferences.  However one team is actually going to be good, that team is Georgia.  They beat a pretty dern good North Carolina team, and released what will perhaps be the best QB, and team in the country in two years...  IF DeShone Kizer goes Pro.  He's just a redshirt sophomore, but he's better than Jared Goff right now, wow is he good!  Now back to the SEC…

     I'm not wasting time on Alabama, they are what they are, but will prove beatable at some point during the season.  LSU was disgraceful to watch. I picked them to win the SEC.  But unlike Charlie Strong, Les Miles didn't recruit a can't-miss true freshman to take the reins from Brandon Harris.  Les Miles gambled and lost on Harris. LSU would be unbeatable on paper with Deondre Francois and the same with Shane Buechele.  Win the SEC West or goodbye Leslie.  

     Can we dispel the myth that the SEC has superior players? This one has got stuck in my craw the most.  All major conferences, and all the teams within recruit the same players from around the country. The SEC has the same 300 pound lineman, the same 235 pound linebackers, the same 205 pound safeties, the same 190 pound corners.  Quarterbacks are the same universally, except the PAC12 always has better ones,than the SEC top to bottom.  I need only bring up one example and that is Wisconsin versus LSU. Sure LSU has better athletes, but Wisconsin has better linemen.  That much is obvious. Now stack tOSU athletes verse LSU.   Winner BIG10.  The SEC gets more drafted, but they have more teams.   All I've heard for years was that the SEC has better line talent. Especially on the defensive line. Some of that has been true in certain years, but can somebody show me some evidence now that that is true?   I'm sick of this discussion and I won't have it again.
 OK, let's get to the games... how exciting!!!!  
·    Tennessee needed a miracle late in the fourth quarter to beat mighty Appalachian State. That a baby Butch!     
·     Perennial power South Alabama scored 14 unanswered in the fourth quarter to beat Mississippi State, at one point number 1 in the country two years ago and the victors over this year's number one Alabama! ARE YOU F-ING KIDDING ME?    
·    West Virginia big over Missouri. Missouri is done!!!!  they won't contend again in the East for some time    
·    Arkansas was so disappointing I think Beilema,s days are numbered. A last second TD versus Louisiana Tech, at home and in his fourth year, is beyond pathetic.  Louisiana Tech scores a lot of points, so credit Brett for defense, but 14 points against Tech's defense until the last 7 seconds of the game is inconceivable.  What about those SEC lines?    
·    Southern Miss 44Kentucky 35—hey that makes UW better than Kentucky.      
·    Ole Miss best just be self imposing a bowl ban, they can't run the football.  Well if you include Chad Kelly's yardage maybe.    
·    We heard about LSU- Wisconsin… Anyone see that close-line by LSU player against D'Cota Dixon after his game-winning interception?  See below.    
·    Florida needed fourth quarter touchdowns to beat Umass.  Hardly a display of conference superiority.    

The SEC really took a hit this weekend.  Two top 10 teams got their asses beat. The meat of their conference needed miracles to win verse FCS competition or far inferior conferences.  Aside from WSU's loss to a very good FCS foe, the Pac12 did not struggle with lesser competition. They won the gamesthey were supposed to, and put up tremendous efforts in the ones they didn't.  The Alabama game was the only abomination the PAC12 `suffered.  As listed above, the SEC had 5-6.  

As I said many times, before the BCS the SEC had no greater representation in national title wins or appearances than any other major conference.  It was only until the BCS system did the SEC go on a run of national titles not seen in college football history.  The system was biased, it's obvious by looking at the scheduling amongst the power five conferences over that span, the shaky computer formulas used, and examples like the LSU versus Alabama national title game of 2012.  A lot of good teams didn't get their chance that day.  Just so happens the team that beat LSU in the regular season also beat them in the BCS title game.  I consider that to be the worst year in modern college football history. The two best teams didn't play, and it was arranged that way.

     All Alabama had to do, because they refused to play any quality opponents out of conference, was win one or two big games a year, while Pac12 teams had to play five or six including out of conference opponents.  Scheduling was a big reason Alabama and LSU got into the BCS title game.  No more, the playoff has changed that.  And the SEC no longer gets to schedule themselves in the national title game.  That alone should help balance out the inordinate and unfair SEC representation over the last 18 years.
The BCS propped up the SEC and built a wall around it. The playoff will tear it down, especially when we move to six or eight teams!

  In closing, what we all saw this weekend was that the SEC is no better than the other conferences. In fact they're not as good top to bottom as some. Every conference has good coaches, good assistant coaches and great universities and great players all dedicated to winning football games... In that respect the SEC is a little more bullish, and Ole Miss just got picked off for it..   Jackie Sherrill looks like an angel compared to Hugh Freeze.  In terms of Ole Miss, I've been waiting four years for this… It was so obvious.  And Stringfellow, you're fourth off the bench dude.  Kind of sucks when true freshmen are better than you.  And another thing, hey Hugh, stay your ass out the Pacific Northwest punk.  I- digress sorry.

 LSU's close- lining assassin of Wisconsin's innocent interceptor that sealed the victory is but a metaphor for the SEC.   The SEC has been exposed and are no longer big kids on the block. Clearly Boutte,s flagrant display of unsportsmanlike conduct is from extreme frustration, losing to a perceived lesser opponent. I see the SEC, their fans, ESPN, East Coast voters wanting to close- line the Big Ten for losing a game to a better team and quite possibly a better conference.    By the way I saw no coverage blasting that player. It kind of got shoved under the rug. Imagine that! It was the most flagrant penalty I have ever seen in college football and I didn't see much of it after.   College football live did a 5 min. segment on Les Miles, LSU and that game.  No mention was made of that illegal hit. How disgraceful Desmond, David and Paul.

Game's up SEC.  There are four new assassins in town!


·    -Look for Malik Zaire at Oregon, just a hunch    
·    -what is a catch? It is getting so bad.  There was never any question what a catch was before the last few years.  With all of the new rules and extreme instant replay, nobody has a fucking clue what a catch is, and it's costing teams a victory and a school a lot of money.    
·    -Mora back in the I formation. I kinda like it    
·    Jake taking more snaps under center, I kind of like that too… Really helps with play action.    
·    Prepare for two weeks of crappy football