Seahawks Illustrated: Souvenir Edition








I started watching football in a serious way when I was 8 years old. I remember watching Notre Dame with their new coach Ara Parseghian, take on Northwestern on the ABC Game of the Week with Chris Schenkel and Bud Wilkinson in 1964. Because my two dads were college fans and big fans of the Huskies I started out by following college ball.

My earliest memory of Husky football was being left with my two grand dads while my two dads went to the 1961 Rose Bowl where the Huskies beat Minnesota to win the National Championship. Fuck off duck fans. I wore out the pages of the game program and the Sports Illustrated issue with Bob Schorledt on the cover that came out the week of the Navy game that was the only loss of the season for the Huskies. The jinx is real and goes back decades.

So of course I grew up dying to go to a Rose Bowl but the Huskies entered a dark decade and a half quite similar to the one we are in now. I got my fix vicariously through the Trojans of John McKay. Pro football was not as big in America or in our house. But the turbulent 60’s did concern my dad enough that he thought filling my head with Vince Lombardi’s rock solid philosophy would be a good idea. So I found myself on the couch between my two dads watching the Ice Bowl in 1967. That was the 5th and final title for Bart Starr and the Packers and my first brush with legends in the making.

As I grew up I got used to watching legends be from other towns, The Sonics came around in 1967 and we could watch Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, and Wilt beat them like a drum. I watched Russell against Chamberlin. The Packers were replaced by the Dolphins who were replaced by the Steelers and the NFL became the legend factory that we know and love today. Allegedly.

By the time the Seahawks were born in 1977 I was a Raider fan who finally won a Super Bowl. I was no longer a wide eyed kid and by the way the Huskies won the Rose Bowl and were in the process of owning the town as the only winner in football. The Sonics lost a Game 7 at home to blow a NBA Title that nobody watched on tape delay then won it the next year and quickly went to Bolivia as Magic and Kareem and Larry won titles in prime time that people cared about. The Mariners came along to suck for 20 years.

The Seahawks were third fiddle at best to the Raiders who won 3 Super Bowls and 18 years of John Fucking Elway who went to 5 Super Bowls. In 1983 the Hawks beat the Raiders twice only to get curb stomped in the AFC Title game as the Raiders went on to win the Super Bowl. I was rooting for the Raiders.

The Hawks joined the NFC West at about the same time as the Mariners turned three Hall of Fame players into no rings and won 116 games and didn’t even get to the Series. The Sonics had lost a Finals and were on their way to Oklahoma City.

The Seahawks hired Holmgren and started and stopped their way to a NFC title in 2005 and at long last a trip to the Super Bowl where they quite naturally gagged and face planted in embarrassing fashion and then whined about the refs and faded back into obscurity and losing. The Huskies were working to the 0-12 dream season.

This is a lifetime of Seattle sports. Not even legendary failures like Cleveland and Buffalo get. Just dreary, repetitive failure broken by the occasional big game loss that didn’t have The Drive or anything cool. Just a loss. Expected.

This brings us to the NFC Championship game against the Packers where the defending Super Bowl Champion Seahawks seemed determined to go down as a one hit wonder who would soon be forgotten like the Ravens and Bucs and Rams. The Ravens won 2 but still. Bolivia was waiting.

Instead a legendary game broke out won by players who one day may be legends at the dais in Cooperstown. 10 year old kids watching with their two dads will remember the game forever. The Green Bay Fucking Packers of the Ice Bowl game winning drive and quarterback sneak blew a 12 point lead with 2 minutes to play. One armed Richard Sherman. Hands of Stone Kearse. Russell Four Picks. The best defense since the 85 Bears. An all time great coach who does more with more.

In Seattle for goodness sakes. Jeepers.

And now the Golden Boy awaits in the Super Bowl. Enjoy the good times while they are here.


We’re all proud of our Buckeyes and the way they closed out a national title run with a curb stomping of the soft Pac 12 champion Ducks.

What else do you want me to say?