Re-Ranking the 2009 and 2010 Recruitng Classes and More

Well, with the season over now and the run up to Signing Day upon us I thought it would be fun to take a look back to previous classes. However, as the process of gathering this information took place I became greatly depressed and had to check myself into therapy. The results will explain why.

A few weeks ago I announced on the Hardcore Husky Recruiting Board an idea to re-rank past classes of UW. The debate immediately took off on how to rate certain players, Jesse Callier being the hot topic (IS HE A 2 OR A 3??!?!). 28 members of Hardcore Husky participated in this survey, now let me explain the process.

The rankings are from a 0-5 scale, there were no half points allowed. Each participant was asked to rate the contribution (however they want to define it) on the field for UW. Ratings in this survey did not involve their high school days or NFL time; only their time on campus at UW. Players that did not qualify or never stepped foot on campus were give an automatic 0. We wanted to start this survey from Steve Sarkisian’s first class at UW (2009) and will continue it going forward after each season. The players rated this year were from the class of 2009, the class of 2010 and ANY player who has left UW** (Transfer, dismissed, early NFL entrant, etc.). Now let’s look at the results.

Here are the results of the survey for anyone to check out: Re-Rank Results. Here is how to read the survey link:

There are three tabs for you to look at if you want:

1. Form Responses: This shows how everyone voted in the re-rank. (we added a few players that didn't show up on campus and just gave them an automatic 0)

2. Data: This pools together all the numbers so you can see how many stars each player got.

3. Graphical Representation: This allows for you to click on individual players to see the pie chart of their star breakdown, or you can click on an entire class year to see a pie chart of the class as it is. (Please note, if you are clicking on a name and it is not showing information it means you are filtering by class. Simply clear that filter by clicking the little red "X" to the right of the word "player" or "class"; if you hover over the red X it should say "clear filter").

The 2009 class in Coach Sarkisian’s first year was a poor one according to Scout; that class had an average star ranking of 2.58. The re-rank results for this class were even worse; the average rating for the 2009 class was a sobering 1.32. (In the graphs, please note that the numbers in the chart are for total number of votes for each rating level in the class. Example below would be that of the 448 total votes for the 2009 class, 129 of them were 0).


The 2010 class was a successful one on Signing day 2010. Sarkisian reeled in a highly acclaimed class, coming in 10th in the country and carrying an impressive average star rating of 3.16. Five years later this class is almost entirely done with their time at UW, the only holdover is Deontae Cooper, so we have a pretty clear idea of how this class performed in their time at UW. The re-rank of the 2010 class was not pretty with an average rating of 1.82.

The top five highest rated players in our survey were:

1.       Bishop Sankey 4.96 (initially a 4 star at Scout)

t-2. Hau’oli Kikaha 4.82 (initially a 3 star at Scout)

t-2. Danny Shelton 4.82 (initially a 3 star at Scout)

3.       Shaquille Thompson 4.68 (initially a 5 star at Scout)

4.       Desmond Trufant 4.46 (initially a 3 star at Scout)

5.       Marcus Peters 4.21 (initially a 3 star at Scout)

I encourage everyone to click through the results of this survey in the link provided above because I am a miserable person and therapy isn’t working and I want to share my pain with others. ENJOY!

**Unfortunately we forgot to include Troy Williams in this survey, he will be in it next year.