Open Letter to Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott

If I was Larry Scott, I'd kill myself. But let's say I am commissioner of the Pac 12 and I hear the cry from Hardcore Husky posters about the lack of respect the Pac gets. Here's what I would do.

Stop with the Conference of Champions crap. Nobody gives a fuck about softball or track. Sorry UCLA and Stanford but you have 150 titles that are completely meaningless.

Pay DirecTV to show my network. Fire FAUX (lol) and get in bed with ESPN and [kiss their butt] like the SEC and the ACC do. When you don't have the pull of the B1G network to do it on your own you have to deal with the devil.

Stop pretending that being on TV against Saturday Night Live is cool and get the 7PM time slots on Saturday. The Big East invented itself in basketball back in the day with that time slot during the week. Recruits want to be on TV so their two dads can watch them. It is not a coincidence that the SEC and now the ACC are becoming football powers and recruiting nationally.

All the PAC 12 cares about is having USC on when the parents can watch their kids which perpetuates the recruiting advantage USC has in their backyard. You have 11 other members.

Demand that all this money (allegedly) be spent on football in an intelligent manner. You have the state of California and half of Texas to recruit from but you one team that is serious about football. Stop building co ed weight rooms and all sport meal centers and build hooker and blow palaces for the football team like Oregon does.

Fill your fucking stadium. There's a reason nobody knows what Vanderbilt stadium looks like because the SEC would never show a game from their high school stadium. Martin Stadium isn't cozy, its pathetic. Half empty Stanford Stadium screams we don't give a shit.

Get a stadium on campus UCLA or get the fuck out.

Stop scheduling games at 7:30 in November.

Cheat buy and steal players, coaches and ADs who give a shit about football. Stop claiming you're great because you FUCKING DOMINATE THE MWC in bowl games and SET UP A PAC 12 - SEC BLOOD BATH like the ACC - B1G challenge in basketball. Take them on head to head and beat them.

Stop talking and start doing. Don't investigate a program every time they win.

And fuck off. (Obligatory sign-off)