Mad Son's Ramblings: The Shortcomings of Sark

I have devoted this week of blathering, rambling, and bloviating to investigating the short comings of Sark.  The results are not pretty - but we already knew that.


All statistics are as of 11/17/2013


Sark gives up 50+ every 7.625 games

Ty gave up 50+ every 9.6 games


Sark loses by 28+ every 6.778 games

Ty lost by 28+ every 8 games


Sark has won by 28+ 8 times

WSU, Cal 2009; Colorado 2011; Portland, Colorado 2012; BSU, ISU, Colorado 2013

Of those BSU 2013 was not an abomination (and is an actual young team that has improved as the season went on) and Cal 2009 was mediocre.  All the rest of those teams were absolutely terrible.  Basically, Sark pretty much never wins big against decent teams.

Ty never won by 28+, but he never got to play an FCS team nor Colorado.


As per chrisvashon's list, there are 14 coaches leading AP top 25 teams who are in their first four years as coach at their school.  Of those 7 inherited teams with 6 or fewer wins and the other 7 inherited teams with 7 or more wins.  Half of the new coaches in the top 25 inherited worse record than what Sark achieved last year, and the year before, and the year before.  Another three of the new coaches inherited records equal to what Sark had last year, and the year before, and the year before.  Four of these new coaches (so four of the seven who inherited worse records than what Sark has been working with) actually took over teams that actually had worse records than what the Huskies had four years ago.  In the time that Sark improved from 5 wins to 7 and then 7 and then 7, these coaches have created programs currently in the top 25.  Good coaches can win right away.  It does not take 5+ years to build a program.

For full disclosure I admit I am not sure how this list was calculated or there is at least one error.  For example, I would have listed Jimbo Fischer as being in his fourth year.  I think that may just be a typo since Charlie Strong listed as his fourth year is in his fourth year.  Even if there is some error, none of the "new" coaches in this list have been coaching as long as Sark.


Sark has had one season where his team commits fewer penalties per game than the most Ty ever allowed.  Sark has never had fewer penalty yards per game than Ty did.


In 2012 Sark's Huskies finished ranked 52 (as per the Sagarin ratings) with a strength of schedule (SoS) of 34.

In 2007 Ty's Huskies finished ranked 55 with a SoS of 2.

In 2006 Ty's Huskies finished ranked 50 with a SoS of 5.


Based on the Sagarin ratings Sark's teams have finished the season ranked 52, 28, 44, 52 from 2009-2012 (obviously this year is not yet finished).  That is not improvement.


I wish I had more to contribute but unfortunately my day job doesn't allow me to spend much time on hookers, blow, and researching Sark's failures.