Mad Son's Ramblings - October 30, 2013

Franchise Infidels, there is nothing left to be said about the season.  It is over.  Our final win will come against Colorado bringing us to close the season 6-6.  Our victory in the Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl over Boise State will return us to the 7-6 promised land.  Another year wasted.  A year we could be building a program with a coach who can take us all the way has been sacrificed to appease the wallets of the Husky Zombie Apocalypse.  All the HZs care about is gaaaaaaames and the quality is irrelavant to them.  So Woody gives them their games with complete disregard to quality as the hordes don't care either.  When you look at this crowd of half braaaaains over here all we want is the second coming of Jaaaaames...  HELL, at this point our standards have probably secretly dropped and we may be happy with Lambo.  But how do we achieve that...?

"Thinking isn't agreeing or disagreeing. That's voting." - Robert Frost

Just because we howl at the moon over here doesn't mean a damn thing to anyone.  The only impact we have is that we indicate we may some day vote.  It is time to vote.  That is how we lodge our formal complaints with the AD.  We tell him we're done, we stop giving money, and most importantly, we make sure others get out and vote.  Did you write Woodward and Young an email since last week?

I hate how the Husky football program reflects on me as an alum.  It is an embarrassment.  I went to a wedding reception last weekend and there was no one proudly wearing purple on Saturday.  There was definitely Oregon gear to be seen though.  I wish I could proudly wear my Husky gear on football Saturdays rather than having to pretend I don't know there are games going on.  I am not a loser and I should not be represented that way.  I chose to go to a school where I am proud of all aspects.  Halfbrain Mad Son, PhD truly does care about the academic prestige of an institution.  He also cares about the extra curriculars, the athletics, and every other facet of a university.  Unfortunately our football team is much more visible than our quidditch team.  It is our front porch so to speak.  EMMERT!!!!

The season is over and so is this ramble.


Nebraska's loss to Minnesota seals Pelini's fate.  Bohl is going to NDSU.  Cook it.  Undeafeated FSU faces soon to be defeated Miami this week.  The coogs play AssU on ESPN Thursday night.  It will be fitting the final year of our current BCS system that an undefeated team doesn't get to play for the national championship.