Mad Son's Quick Dawg Bite

So our defense got torched, gave up all sorts of records to Eastern Washington.  We beat them by 7, better than we did in 2011 (only beat them by 3 then thanks to a last second interception).  Looking back at 2011 we beat Hawaii by 8, 7 worse than this year, at home.  We gave up about 40 more yards to Hawaii on the road for the first game this year and while this was a record setting performance for Eastern, so war 2011.  Basically this season is off to no worse of a start than 2011 even though we have a new coach implementing a new system.  We’re 2-0 that is all that matters at this point.  It’s still early.  The team is still learning. At least this isn't the start of Petersen's third year like it was our previous coach's in 2011.

Rome was not built over night.  Petersen hasn’t had three games let alone three years (although if it takes him three years then he is not who we know him to be) to fix this program.  The discipline is not there, the schemes are not fully implemented, but you can bet a 94-12 all-time coach is setting things on course.  He even set a deadline – by the middle of the season Baker will be playing at a high level as a true freshman.  This isn’t a coach who is trying to double talk and pass the buck.  He calls a spade a spade, sets realistic goals, and doesn’t shy away from it. 

Petersen is just what this program has needed and anyone who is turned off by the results thus far need to step away from the microscope and look at who we have, where we are, and look forward for what is yet to come.