Nature Informs Our World

I was sitting near the water today while having a tuna fish sandwich and listening to some jazz. When finished, I still had a wedge of bread crust remaining , so I tossed it across the bulkhead and onto the rocky beach below.

At once, I hear squawking and look up to see a large seagull flapping his wings and heading my way. But he was making such a ruckus, that within 45 seconds, every seagull within 5 square miles began descending upon this little stretch of beach. The problem of course, was that I had tossed one wedge of crust. It wasn't like I was an 85-year old woman in Roy Orbison sunglasses seated upon a scooter and dispensing bread from several large loaves.  

This tornado of seagull activity revolved overhead for a few moments, before dissipating as the birds slowly realized, one-by-one, that there was nothing more to be had.

I wondered if the other birds were venting their frustration toward the head seagull who cried wolf. But no, they seemed to just mindlessly wander off toward their next distraction. And I chuckled as I drew a correlation between this scenario and our friends over at 

The head seagull over at Dawgman throws out a bread crumb rumor from his sources... (The Sonics deal is a done deal, UCLA is collapsing under Mora, Sark has massive surprises in store for Signing Day, Emmert is going to drop the hammer on Oregon, ad infinitum...  Dawgman brass even have a behind-the-scenes term for it...  "Quality bullsh**". )

Every now and then, the rumor proves to be true. Boy oh boy, do they gloat in taking credit! But much more often than not, the rumors turn out false. If anyone tries to hold the head seagull accountable, they are deleted and banned from the message boards. And the rest of the seagulls fall right in line and continue on up the proverbial beach.