College Doog's Friday Football Forecast

Mad_Son (0-1)

Illinois is a mediocre team. We have the capability to beat every mediocre team out there. This week I think we will win but it may not be a huge margin like it seemed to be after week one. Illinois showed some life against Cincinnati which tells me that if we had played them in week two we may well have been complacent and quickly fallen back out of the top 25. Or maybe this team is mentally tough now and plays every game to their utmost.  Maybe.

               I think we match up favorably against Illinois, namely that their weakness is running the ball and our weakness is our defensive line. I'd feel better if we had some pass rush but if we just contain Scheelhaase and let our back 7 do their jobs then I think we should be set. I think we have the capability to put up points and to stop Illinois, and I think we do some of both this week. We'll learn something about our consistency as well. Until we prove we can dominate every week I am going to go conservative and predict we win 24-14.

RoadDawg (1-0)

This is a game that looked much easier two weeks ago before Illinois plunger raped Cincinnati who had plunger raped Purdue the week before getting plunger raped by Illinois. Huh? Needless to say, there have been a lot of plunger rapes going on. I won't lie, despite UW's strong showing on August 31st; some doubt has crept back into my mind. Was the game against Boise Trucking College a mirage? Can this team play well on the road, or will it be the same old story? Lots of questions going into this game, which is why I think this game is a good barometer of what kind of season we can expect.

               UW is the more talented team. There's no doubt that UW should beat Illinois, even if Illinois is looking a little better than the preseason expectations. I would love to see UW start out fast and give Illinois no hope of winning the game. However, I don't expect that to happen. I think it will be a close game at halftime. I am still scarred by the road games of last season. UW will pull away in the second half, and head back to Seattle 2-0 to prepare for a tough matchup against the highly touted Idaho State Country Cousins.

Washington 31 Illinois 21

AZ_Duck (0-1)

Ok, so I am having a hard time getting a feel for this game. Seems that Illinois went from "mostly shitty" to "maybe not shitty." What we know is that the Illini (the NCAA doesn't like it when we call them that) have a 5th year senior starting at quarterback - Nate Scheelhase. He's a prototypical QB - 6'3", 205 lbs, decent wheels, good arm. Last week he torched Cincy as follows: 26/37 for 312 yards and 4 TDs.

On the plus side, they hired someone competent at OC help them put points on the board in former Western Michigan head coach Bill Cubit. Thus far, the Illini look to be a pass-first bunch, which could be interesting with the UW secondary being the work-in-progress that it is. Or not.

I think this game will come down to line play (like almost every game does), and if UW can get a push from either the OL or the DL they could do well. Probably, both defenses are going to be exposed just a little bit, making for a fun game to watch and maybe even a bit of a shootout.

Logic tells me that UW wins this game rather easily, say 44-38, but my inner Quook is making me reverse those numbers.

Washington 38
Illinois 44

dnc (1-0)

               This feels like a classic Sark letdown game. I can't remember the last time UW followed up an impressive victory with another satisfying effort. Perhaps it's happened recently, but it certainly hasn't happened often.

               Illinoise is bad on defense and one dimensional on offense. UW is better just about across the board, but I imagine the tuff at crowd Soldier Field in Champaign will really keep them in the game. Just kidding, the crowd will probably be as lame as a Section14a visit to the Illini boreds. But until proven otherwise Sark's teams suck on the road, even in the least hostile of environments.

               UW is donning the abhorrent white helmets for this one. They should have DIAFF after the Alamo Bowel never to be seen again, but for some reason Sark thinks they're cute. I'm not one who hates all uni variations. I actually kind of like the black unis. It seems UW plays extra Pat Hill Tuff when they don black. The white lids, especially the storm trooper look, seem to have the opposite effect.

               I think Austin Sefarian Stevens will make his presence felt in his return, topping 100 yards receiving and scoring at least once. I don't think this is the game that John Two Wins Ross returns a kick all the way, but I think he'll take a couple back over 40 yards, and find the end zone for the first time as a receiver. Sankey will be his typical awesome self, and the box score will indicate that UW dominated the game.

               The scoreboard should too, to the tune of, say, a 52-21 type shellacking, but I'm thinking UW finds a way to keep the Illini close enough for discomfort. Put me down for a 41-24 UW win which will be enough to be stay ranked but not enough to make a statement that UW belongs in the top 15. If the Dawgs wear purple pants or some other combo that avoids going full storm trooper retard give them an extra TD.

CollegeDoog (0-1)

On Saturday, the Huskies will waltz into Isotope stadium in Springfield, Illinois rich, cool, and 1-0. Doog fever is at an all-time high after a shellacking of the Boise Blue Bonnets in the opener.  While many on our website are preaching a cautious approach, given Sark’s past failures after big wins, yours truly is going full doog this week. This team looks and feels different than those in the past. There are far too many “ELITE” (hi ESPN!) athletes for a letdown to occur.

Sark’s “ReDucks” offense will keep a shaky Fighting Iroquois defense on their heels all game. Expect Sankey to run for another 150+ against a porous Illinois defense. Rastaferian Jenkins will make a triumphant return with at least one touchdown catch. Two wins (Or is it three now?) Ross will make a big play in the return game, crushing the Iroquois’ fighting spirit.

Tackling and protecting the football will be the key on Isotope stadium’s shitty playing surface. The Dawgs only turned it over once in the opener, and if Price can keep up his surgical play expect a rout.

UW 41

Illinois 10