It’s time to take the training wheels off on offense

After about the 23rd time Cyler Miles took a shotgun snap, ran horizontally toward the sideline, and threw the ball out of bounds, I was fucking pissed off. A lot of you basement dwellers were as well, judging from the in-game thread and aftermath of the Huskies 1st loss (which could have easily been their 3rd). How can an offense with an experienced line, talented receivers, and four 4 star QBs to choose from look so inefficient? Furds stiff D be damned, the Huskies were their own worst enemies against the Cardinal, and most of that has to do with an inconsistent, predictable offense.

Coach Petersen has earned the benefit of the doubt. If there’s one difference I’m sure of between Petamus and Sark, it’s that Peterman won’t make the same mistake 81 times. Still, I’ve got to question his decision to bring in Jonathan Smith as offense coordinator. Smith joined Petersen in 2012 as a QB coach, and frankly I can’t believe Petersen didn’t find a more qualified candidate when he made the jump to a big boy conference. In Christian Caples’ 10/2 TNT article, Smith mentioned that the offensive coaches were thoroughly reviewing each play used against Stanford. In summation, the coaches were trying to determine whether or not the plays sucked, or just the players executing them. To hell with that. What sucks is that the Huskies have 2 extremely athletic QBs, and for the most part the coaches are afraid to cut them loose.

When Miles wasn’t running to the sideline while the pocket collapsed like a Louisiana levy, he gained a fair amount of yardage on upfield runs. It was as if the coaches had told him not to use his athleticism to run for positive yardage, ala the mythical 10 in 10 Lockner season. Stanford’s defense had excellent coverage, for the most part, and yet Miles stared around the field for what seemed like decades before throwing the ball away. The Cardinal were rushing 4 and dropping the rest, so why the hell did the coaching staff insist on trying to establish the passing game? Second and 10 became the Fightin’ Doogs status quo. I’m no Nick Saban, but I know enough about football to know that severely limits a team’s playbook.

Here’s a revolutionary idea: call some fucking designed QB runs…and not just in the Ragin’ Scandinavian formation. Spread the defense out with 3-4 wides, hike the fucking ball, and have Miles/Lundstrom run the rock at the teeth of the defense. If 1 of them gets hurt…oh well. There are 3 other 4 stars that can’t possibly suck THAT badly. And if they do, just have Tate Martell enroll early and spray some Rogaine on his jawline.

Run the athletic QBs, establish Washington/Coleman early and keep feeding them, and occasionally line up a wide receiver as a HB for option pitches/fakes/quick PA passes/whatever. I’m not an OC here. But I do know that we have a pissed-the-fuck off, freak of nature, Cuog hurdling, 5 star WR; a Mr. Arizona, converted running back 4 star receiver; a fucking fast, badass return man WR; and a pretty fast, shifty WR with lube hands. One or all of those dudes should be able to handle getting the rock in an option look just fine.

This option offense could be used in a variety of formations, such as the one the Ducks are using against the Coogs here:

So when Petersen and Smith say they are reexamining the offense, my hope is that they will take the training wheels off the QBs, as well as implement some more option plays. Miles and Lindquist aren’t made of glass…they should be able to each run 12+ times. The Doogs don’t need to become Navy or Georgia Tech overnight, but my guess is that they will find success with an option attack and keep opposing d-coordinators off-balance. Run, run, screen, run, pass, run, run, run, BOOM John Ross 50 yard TD catch off a playfake.

Or, UW can continue running an offense so predictable fucking OBK can guess the next play.

Thanks for reading ;)