College Doog's Friday Football Forecast 10-18-13

College Doog (4-2)

Doogs think we can win out. I did a numbers crunch to try and find an accurate percentage of this happening:

@ ASU 45% chance of winning

Cal 95% chance of winning

Colorado 98% chance of winning

@UCLA 22% chance of winning

@OSU 45% chance of winning

WSU 70% chance of winning

Multiply these, and our chance of running the table and finishing 10-2 is a whopping……….3%. And that was being generous. Do we really have a 22% or 45% chance of winning at ASU or OSU? The season is over. If you aren’t sick of Sark by now then God help you. He is not the right coach nor will he ever be the right coach. The annual three game mid-season losing streak is imminent. Husky football isn’t fun anymore.

ASU – 28

UW – 24

Mad_Son (5-1)

UW is the more talented team. ASU is the team that is going to win. We're starting our annual three game losing streak (you know Sark is better than Ty because his losing streaks are half as long) and ASU will extend their streak over us to 8 straight. I can't even really point to good reasons on the field that ASU will beat us. They just will. It is hard for me to pick ASU since I don't understand it other than the coaching factor is big here and the results speak for themselves. I am sure the team will want to prove itself and I hope they do.

Ah fuck it.

UW - 27
ASU – 24

AZDuck (4-2)

Somehow, my emotions make me think UW pulls this one off - something like the twisted mojo that got Mack Brown his job-saving win in Dallas last week.

My brain thinks that ASU is the kind of team that Sark doesn't beat on the road. I think ASU's excellent DL and LBs will get pressure on Price. I think that ASJ will continue to be a relative non-factor. I think that ASU's offense is maybe half a notch worse that UW's, meaning they are both good offensive squads. I think that UW will not fix their problems on special teams.

ASU 34, UW 24

Time for the annual midseason 3-game losing streak.

Road Dawg (6-0) HOUSE MONEY!!!1!

I keep going back and forth with this game. Earlier this week, I predicted an ASU victory. How can Sark expect to beat a Jake Plummer led team on the road in eighty six degree weather? How can one expect Sark to have the bullets capable of pulling off the upset just five years removed from 0-12? I guess I am one of those unrealistic bastards, because I expect Sark to pull this one of. If he can't, we might as well call Pat Haden to fire Sark when the plane returns to Sea-Tac.

I think UW wins for one reason, they have more talent. What makes it tough to predict a victory is that Sark's teams have been terrible on the road, and the worry of the players realizing the season is over and giving up. There is a reason people much smarter than I have Washington as three point underdawgs (LOL!!11!)

Washington starts out slow like always. The offense takes awhile to get into gear, and the defense gives up ten points in the first quarter. Some of us will wonder if this game is going to be like the Arizona game from last year. I see UW down by a score at halftime.

Like other games, Washington will start the third quarter with a touchdown. Arizona State will match the score. This will continue until the fourth quarter. With Washington down four with only a few minutes left, Keith Price will orchestrate a game winning drive, putting the team on his back, something experts said he has not done. The drive will be highlighted by a 23 yard scoring pass to Kasen Williams.

Hardcore Husky will have a great time telling Hugh, Kim, and Softy to fuck off. Doog Nation will rejoice and start talking about how they loved Price all along. Sark will say, "Keith did a great job trusting the system." Scott Woodward will pull the contract extension he threw in the garbage out. Sark will sign it two weeks later after blowing out Cal and Colorado. Win or lose, Washington football will still be mediocre.

Washington 33 Arizona State 30

dnc (6-0) DOUBLE HOUSE MONEY!!!111!!!

For the first time this year I really don't have a strong read on this game. There's a part of me that thinks UW comes out pissed off and shoves the game down ASU's throat. And there's the part of me that says, this is a Steve Sarkisian team on the road. Plus there's the matter of the whole annual 3 game losing streak at stake.

ASU is an inferior opponent, but not that inferior to UW.

I'll take Todd Graham and Sparky's boys in a squeaker, 34-31.

But honestly, no outcome would shock me in this one. Ladies and gentlemen, the Steve Sarkisian era.