Holy Cow, Where did That Come From?

By Tailgater

A 69-27 in-your-face-a-disgrace stomping of Oregon State on Beaver turf and it wasn't nearly as close as the final score would indicate.

A rookie(first-time starting) RS freshman QB and three 100+ yard RB's leading the Husky offense to a dominating performance on the road gaining 692 total yards/ 530 on the ground (Sankey-179yds; Cooper-166yds; and Washington-141 yds).

Only four Husky penalties including another one of those phantom things for a measly 43 yards...... is simply shocking for a Sarkball program that before kickoff ranked dead last amongst 126 FBS teams in penalties committed. Unbelievable! Were the Pac-12 officials too cold to get their flags out?

After such high hopes for another Sark embarrassment on the road, we come away from Corvallis with something like: Doogs-SEVEN and Negas-STFU. And still,.... NINE remains a long ways away.

What the hell happened? I'm obviously not an expert in analyzing such things, just another Nega twit, but this is what I think:

As has been said often, victory on the road in football requires enough good defense to at least slow down the host's offensive machine giving your own offense maximum opportunity to control the ball, clock, and scoreboard in front of a hostile crowd while your defense stays fresh on the sideline (whew! that's a lot to think about for head coaches-in-training). After last night's domination of Oregon State's offense by the Husky defense, should we conclude and acknowledge that Justin Wilcox has had Mike Riley's number now for two consecutive years? Wilcox may still struggle to have a clue about stopping ASU, Oregon, and perhaps UCLA, but the Husky defense dealt harshly with the Beav's one-dimensional passing attack by smothering their all-world WR and rush-pressure spooked QB. Although it came against a 6-5 lower division Pacific N.W. rival, the essential maxim of having good defense on the road was well demonstrated by 69-27.

I got really pissed with Sark's early play calling on our first offensive series when he had Miles throw the ball on the first two and three of the first fourth plays, the other being a run by Sankey. With the first ever start of the freshman QB, I expected our offense would pound the ball on the ground with a run-first game plan and then go to the pass depending on how Riley's defense reacted. We had to assume that his skills as a running QB had proceeded Miles to Corvallis and that the Beav defense would be focused on stopping him as well as Sankey on the ground. Whether Sark's initial pass-first strategy was to counter any kind of Riley strategy to stuff the Huskies' running attack,..... or to simply to settle down and give young Miles some confidence with three sure-fire completions right out of the chute really doesn't matter. It became fairly clear in that first Husky offensive series that the Beavs couldn't have stopped their grandmothers either passing or running or a frost-frozen burrito and a cold November night, much less the Pac-12 North Division #3.

Whatever the offensive and defensive strategies might have been on either sideline, the romp was on early and often even after UW consigned most starters to the bench. It was obvious that at least for once this season, the 2013 Huskies were UP for a road game and the home team was not. Pure and simple, I believe that was the difference coupled with UW's superior matchups in player talent AND that all important intangible (or anomaly) of the Huskies for once avoiding a cacophony of penalties, turnovers, and fundamental errors. As to why the Beavs on their senior day were down, who the fuck cares? They performed like the outfit that could lose to FCS donut-hole Eastern Washington.

Dismaying as this may be to all or some who wish Sark gone and replaced by a genuine head coach, I feel good at least this week for the kids all of whom, at least the starters and key backups, performed pretty well on the road for once in 2013. And we as Huskyfans if we choose to attend can walk into Husky Stadium on Friday with a little confidence. I'm still not convinced that Sark and Wilcox are up to competing on a level field with Mike Leach. The supercoog had their number in Pullman last year when he had so very little to put on the field and other than by the Oregon ducks, the Huskies really haven't yet been challenged this season on their home turf. Leach has more coog to challenge with this year and EIGHT must still be considered no better than elusive. I'll be in Seattle for the holiday, but still haven't decided to attend because regardless of tradition or circumstance, another apple cup to win or lose just isn't that interesting.