Hey Sark, Thanks for this Premiere Stable of QBs you Developed Here

"I never boo the kids" is a sarcastic expression with the Hardcore Husky message board crowd, right up there with "I have all the screenshots I need" and "Don't be a twister— stop twisting!"   

And I don't ever boo the kids. I feel uncomfortable having to single three of them out in order to make a point.

But as I watched Washington's frustrating loss to Stanford yesterday, I came to a sobering conclusion: Cyler Miles, Jeff Lindquist and Troy Williams are three quarterbacks who don't belong at the Pac-12 level. Miles is by far the best of this trio, but his accuracy and mechanics are awful. Jeff Lindquist can't hit the broad side of a Carl's, Jr. delivery truck. And Troy Williams must be even worse if he's behind Miles and Lindquist on the depth chart.

I watched part of the Oregon State game last night against USC. The Beavs lost 35-10. But while I've never been a Sean Mannion fan, I found myself missing Keith Price, and envying a quarterback who has some idea where his passes are going. And who doesn't panic at the first sign that the defense might blitz (Stanford taunted Miles with that all game long).

Is it any wonder former UW coach Steve Sarkisian was so desperate to escape Seattle and get the USC job last season? Not only did he covet the Trojan job, but he must have known that with Keith Price graduating, he would no longer have a Division I quarterback on the roster. His house of cards would soon collapse on Montlake.

Chris Petersen is Washington's coach now, and in a certain sense, I feel sorry for his predicament. Unless he recruits an amazing junior college transfer for next season, he will be without a competent signal caller until at least 2016. (His incoming recruit Jake Browning might be a stud, but no freshman just comes in and stars at the QB position without time to grow and learn the offense).

Don James won a lot of games with lousy offenses but with great defenses and special teams. That will need to be the formula for success in the time being.

But back to Sark, and this will be the last article I write criticizing him.

Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels supposedly said, "If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it."

So many people have called Steve Sarkisian a "quarterback guru", that few people stop to look at the actual facts. Sark's two starting quarterbacks at UW, Jake Locker and Keith Price, were both Tyrone Willingham recruits. And both regressed the longer they played at Washington. In Sarkisian's five years at Washington, his heralded recruits included Nick Montana and Derrick Brown, along with Miles, Lindquist and Williams.  All busts, I'm sorry to say.

So to Sark I give a high and hearty "Good job, good effort."

And to paraphrase the great writer Scott Eklund, "You have no idea the damage Steve Sarkisian did to the program."