Here's to Coaches that Don't Stand on Tables

In the minutes after USC defeated Stanford on the road the Trojans were in the locker room enjoying their win and celebrating their accomplishment. They had won a tough fought, albeit, terribly sloppy game in the second week of the season against a Stanford team that has been very good the past several years. Into the locker room walks Steve Sarkisian, he stands on a table in the middle of the room and addresses his team, and perhaps more importantly the cameras throughout the room, “We were gonna get faced with adversity men, and we needed to be tighter than ever. And it showed men, it showed. And you wanna know what the best part about it was? The entire country watched it.”

This is an actual quote direct from the locker room; you can find it on this thing called the internets. It was met with loud cheers from the team. But what message does that statement send to your team? It is the second week of the season, you don’t even know if Stanford is a great team, maybe you just beat an average PAC12 when the year comes to an end and we find out who Stanford really is. That message he delivered to a bunch of 18 to 22 year old kids only hurts the psychology of a team. It almost sounds like the season is over and they have accomplished all of their goals (IT IS WEEK TWO!!!)

And guess what? A week later we get the pleasure of enjoying a Sark coached team on the road against a team that is not as talented as his. Looking back at the post Stanford speech is it really a surprise that we saw a lackluster effort by the Trojans? They looked unprepared; they played like a team that thought talent alone should win the game. Basically it was a classic Sark performance, and frankly I am surprised that some out there are surprised by the result.

On to the Chris Petersen led Huskies now (how great is it to say that after what I just wrote above about our old coach). Frankly there is not much to say. I am looking forward to the Stanford game and can’t wait til it gets here. I will say that from a fan perspective a performance like the one we saw on Saturday was needed. They did what good teams do; they beat an inferior opponent rather easily.

UW is 3-0 heading into the last scrimmage of the pre-season. They are right where everyone expected them to be. The beautiful thing is that they have gotten there while gaining a ton of experience for a lot of players and installing their system both on the field and off it. They have substituted liberally on defense. They have gotten a great deal of offensive lineman game action. All sorts of running backs have gotten carries and been successful. They were even able to suspend one of their best players for a week to show what it means to do things their way. We are witnessing a true CEO coach his team and prepare them for the present and the future.

Thanks again to Pat Haden for taking Steve Sarkisian off our hands. As a fan of the University of Washington Football program I am forever indebted to you. I am proud to say that our coach won’t be standing on any tables crowning our team before the season is even a third of the way done just because he wants attention.

Mailing it in for now everyone. Seriously, I just want it to be Stanford week already. Talk to you next week where we will dive into the beginning of the PAC12 slate.