Gotta hand it to Eason, he's not taking the easy way out

The name Jake Heaps has morphed into something synonymous with taking the easy way out. Too much competition where you're at? No problem. Just transfer!

I've never hated on Heaps like lots of people on our message boards do. But whatever.

After suffering through the Browning years, Husky Half Brains are aching and yearning for the Yankoff Era to launch.

Freshman QB Colson Yankoff will soon be at UW. As will the ballyhooed Jacob Sirmon. 

When Jacob Eason announced weeks ago that he would be transferring from Georgia, it stood to reason he might do the Jake Heaps thing and look for a soft landing spot where he could play right away. Like Kansas.

But he didn't. He picked Washington. He'll sit out this year and then have two years to play.

Yankoff and Sirmon will have a head start on him. But Eason still chose Washington. He's looking to compete for a starting spot.

Now let's take a moment and think back to Outland Trophy winner Stan Emptermananannnn. He is, of course, part of Husky Half Brain lore. We love the notion of him roaming the sidelines. That'll never get old. 

He came to Washington as a one-star recruit out of Cheney, WA. With one leg shorter than the other due to a horrible farming accident.

During his recruiting visit to Washington, he had his moment of doubt. He wondered aloud to a coach whether he should go to WSU because he would start right away. UW offensive coordinator Gary Pinkel told him, "Hey, if you're afraid to come here and compete, then go to WSU. We don't want you here." 

Emptermananamannn, seated in his ADA seat on Southwest Airlines, looked out the window as the plane took off from Sea-Tac Airport. 

He decided that Washington was the place for him. And the rest is history. Stan might not have been the most physically talented player ever recruited. But he BLED PURPLE and WANTED TO BE A DAWG.

It was a good indication of Emptermanananmann's character.

As well as it is now with Eason.