Fuck you Tom Hansen... And fuck you too Larry Scott

By Puppylove_Sugarsteel

No way a 10-2 pac12 team should be playing on dec 27th vs a 10th place big12 team... thats where UW will be playing if they win Saturday.

Tom Hansen set the pac10 back into the ice ages in the 80's -early 90's, and Larry Scott has kept them there since.

Puppy railed on Tom till he was blue in the face over his ignorant, narrow-minded bowl agreements for the pac 10 way back then, and hasnt stopped since. Listen to what this buttfuckered original Stalin said back then. "The pac10 has no interest in playing on Jan 1st in east coast bowl games...our fans wont travel that far.. and we have a strong relationship with the Sun, Holiday bowls and our fans truly enjoy those trips" etc... he said that , no shit!!

The fucking Holiday bowl was the pac10 runner up bowl for years...vs a big12 #4 or 5 somewhere around dec 27-29 (excuse the exaggeration)... You fucking kidding me? Now Larry Scott fucked the Pac12 and its exposure by sending its runner up to San Antonio for a domed basketball arena game vs an unmotivated #3 big12 team. Way to go Larry.

Listen Larry, EVERYONE FUCKING HATES the pac 12 bowl tie-ins. Break away from the Thomas Hansen model and fight for fair conference exposure. People will travel to the east coast for a sunny game on GRASS, vs an SEC team, an ACC team. Exposure does matter for recruiting. Fans are sick of 30° games on astro turf in el paso, Domed games on the faggy San Antone boardwalk, a cactus vs a #9 big12 team. There are 5 conferences...im sick of playing the big12...the occasional big10 opponent.

Im sure most of the new-fish millennials here who dominate this joint dont get it or dont care, as you've never traveled to a UW game, but im sick of it as much today as i was 25 years ago. Fuck man we played Florida in the late 80's. Last time we played an SEC team in a bowl game sans the playoff. Bowl games are a joke anyway, but how about a little variety.