Excuse me, SEC? Get in the Back Seat, the Pac-12 has Shotgun!

Hey SEC, you can find room with the big 12, the Big Ten, ACC in the backseat... Try to find room, you can at least be the bully of the backseat, The pac12 has shotgun!  We all know my distaste for the SEC.  Whether on dawgman or HH , I've been critical of this conference for years, and In my mind for good damn reason.  However, in the minds of 99% of college fans, I'm delusional! 

The SEC has been the best conference in the country in several of the last 10 years. But even though they won the title the last 7, it wasn't without controversy, and for good reason .   For starters, USC was hammered by the NCAA and taken out of the equation ( purposefully and with intention).  Do people forget Oregon only lost by a field goal to a fluke Auburn team, who just bought Cam Newton for year,  then fired their coach a few years later.  That same Auburn team just squeaked by the second worst team in the pac-12 from a year ago (But give Auburn credit, they actually went out of conference to play, even though their AD was very selective when choosing a pac12 team, And Of course they didn't have to return to Pullman).  Auburn learned their lesson from USC several years earlier, As did Arkansas)  The SEC wants no business with the pac12, nor any other conferences' elite teams.  I credit Alabama for dangling their balls out of conference, but who else?  Georgia took a chance with Boise State a few years ago and got absolutely annihilated.  Oh, they went out of conference again and lost to Clemson to open the season this year.  I could go on for a long time picking games that the SEC lost out of conference, or instead chose to play cuntcakes to preserve the record for league play.  Either way, this doesn't shine well on the SEC as being mighty, or the best conference in the country.

From 1980 until the start of the BCS in 1998, the SEC had won 3 national titles. So in 18 years, the SEC won a national title every 6 years.  I chose to start in 1980 because I loved Herschel Walker, and I wanted to give the SEC the benefit of the doubt.  Also during this time., Especially the early 90s and beyond, college football really started to blossom as a mainstream sport.  And that's when most of us on this forum were watching college football.

Since the inception of the BCS The SEC has one 8 ½ national titles in 14 years. LSU split the title with USC in 2003.  It's been well noted that the BCS has been very East Coast friendly. ESPN loves the SEC, the coaches, who comprise one third of the BCS formula, tend to watch the SEC games and ignore the pac12 because they're on after they've already gone to bed.  ESPN doesn't even show highlights of the pac12  as they've already gone to bed. How can the coaches vote when they play their own games and can't see highlights of the pac12?   How can the pac12 get a fair shake in the BCS if the east coast writers, coaches and ESPN control an equal third of the BCS formula, and dont watch games? 

And what about these damn computers? The West Coast gets punished because they play difficult out of conference opponents. Then they have to play a round robin of undervalued and underappreciated conference opponents. It doesn't matter who the SEC plays out of conference, All of the emphasis is put on the strength of schedule within the conference.  Every conference is difficult within. The SEC is no different, yet the computers, ESPN, the voters and everybody else east of  the Rocies seems to think so.  Send any team from the SEC on over to the pac12 and we'll see if they get a blemish.  Shoot, we can't even get them to play one pac12 team.  I realize LSU played Oregon and Washington, Georgia came over once, Arkansas once, Tennessee played UCLA ( can't remember the year) but look how often the PAC schedules games with the SEC, Big Ten and big 12? Happens every year, multiple times from multiple teams.  I know it's not the pac12 that's ducking the SEC. 

Winning the national title seven years in a row has a lot less to do with the SEC's superiority than it does circumstances outside other conference's control.  You remember in 2011 when LSU lost the SEC championship yet got a rematch in the BCS national title game? That was the biggest sham in college football history, right next to the Oklahoma loss to Kansas State and the subsequent appearance in the “BCS” national title game, Or Nebraska and Crouch, (Nebraska didn't even play in the big 12 championship game for crying out loud.)  This shit would never have happened in the poll system (Although the poll system did screw Penn State out of a national title because they beat Oregon in the Rose Bowl... that was sheer East Coast bias too, but to a lesser degree imho)  That system was better in terms of reducing SEC nonsense.  It just really didn't exist then.  If you lost you slipped, PERIOD! Imagine how Oklahoma State felt, while sitting at number three, and didn't get a chance to play Alabama because of this SEC ball gargling.  So the BCS has been a pile since the beginning, They just happen to be riding the SEC as the flavor of the month.

The players in the SEC are no better than the players in the pac12 or the Big Ten In terms of 85 scholarship athletes.  If they were how do you explain that national title every six years prior to the BCS?  Did southeastern country football just happen to get better than the rest of the country in the last decade or so? Is it something in the water?  Or is it flat bias!  How does one explain Boise State going all the way to Atlanta and trouncing Georgia?   Why can't this be explained? Because it is a myth And I'm fed up with it! Just wait until we start picking teams for a playoff.  This SEC MYTH, coupled with the Notre Dame myth is going to cost the pac12 a shot.  If you don't believe this to be true, you're as ignorant as the SEC fans are!

“SEC defenses”.   That's all you ever hear from college football “experts”  east of pac12 country.  Surely no pac12 team could compete with “SEC defenses”.  This notion that SEC players and SEC defenses are superior is the biggest in last 30 years college football.  I contend that the QB's and the offenses stink.

  I realize Nick Saban puts his best players on defense, As does Les Miles. But before the NCAA ( which was influenced by the SEC) hammered USC, Pete Carroll had a better defense than anybody in the SEC and one of the best offenses in the country almost every year during his tenure.  The SEC can play all the defense they want, but until they start playing offense, they're no better or worse than any of the other power conferences.  Oregon plays defense and offense, Stanford plays defense and offense.  You think Stanford and Oklahoma State didn't deserve a shot at Alabama in 2011-12 instead of LSU? LSU didn't cross midfield. Stanford and Oklahoma State would've put it in the end zone on several occasions.  How many years has Stanford been worthy of knocking off an SEC champion? Look at the bad luck Oregon has dealt with in getting to the title game the last few years .  If not for Notre Dame's triple overtime victory against a terrible PITT team last year, Oregon, with a good defense, would've made a memorable title game vs Alabama, Same with Stanford!  Who would have liked to see Jim Harbaugh and his Stanford teams play the SEC for the national title?  Wouldn't happen, because SEC defenses are just too dominant for the pac12.

 Let's compare a few defensive and offensive statistics between the PAC 12 and SEC thus far:  Three of the top four total offenses in the country are pac12 teams.  Alabama and LSU don't even rank in the top 30, and look who they've played.  Good Lord, Texas A&M has one of the worst defenses in the entire country and BAMA sits at 85th in total offense, after playing TAMU, who has the 110th ranked defense out of 123 teams.   And LSU hasn't even faced a defense in the top 50 this year.  The pac12 has 5 of the top 10 leaders in total offense in the country.   The SEC has 1. Zach Mettenberger is really lighting it up, same with AJ McCarron.  Good qbs?  McCarron for sure, Mettenberger?  Jury still out!

 Let's talk defense.  We all know the SEC is renowned for its defenses.  That's supposedly what separates the SEC from the Pac 12.  Well.  through four weeks A good portion of the pac12 is ahead of the big boys From the SEC significantly, sans Oregon State, who sits as number 92 in total defense (But we all know is a late bloomer, and at some point will contend in the North because they have one of the better coaches in the country).  We'll get to that later!

Out of 123 teams in div1, measured in total defense through four games, Alabama sits at number 56, Mizzou 64, Georgia 68, Tennessee 82, Auburn 95 and Johnny Manziel and his Aggies sit at 110 out of 123 Division I teams.  That's defense!  Florida sits at number 2, congratulations! But their team isn't top 25 caliber because the offense is one of the worst in Division I.  College football is about balance, and the pac12 is the most balanced conference offensively and defensively in the nation.  That cannot be argued and  has been the same for decades. The PAC has six teams in the top 30 in total defense, and all those teams will contend for the BCS as of now.  LSU, rated at number 24, Is the only SEC team with the prayer of reaching the BCS in the top 30 of total defense.  Considering the competition  LSU, Texas A and M,  South Carolina (#47), Auburn, Alabama and Missouri have played, they should all be in the top 25 in total defense If what they say about SEC defenses is true.

The fact is SEC teams don't have to play out of conference to prove their superiority. They get an excuse for having to play a tough SEC schedule.  Who doesn't have to play a tough conference schedule? Every major conference does. I'm tired of the SEC getting a pass because of the pseudo-strength of conference myth.  I'll invite any SEC team to play a round robin pac12 schedule.  The SEC refuses to travel to the Big Ten or the pac12 though, So how can we gauge how good they are?

It's time for the pac12 to kick the SEC's hind end, and return college football to the pre-BCS era, where every conference was considered equal, until proven on the field and then in a fair national title game.  What did Alabama versus LSU prove?  It was the biggest fraud in college football history. It cannot happen again. It was 100% subjective!  If strength of schedule is indeed a factor in the new playoff, and the SEC schedule is seen as no different from a' round robin Pac 12 or Big Ten schedule, then progress is happening.  Time to cut the bullshit and get down to a fair system where Stanford, who has been sitting at #5 for four years, gets a chance to knock off an SEC opponent.  It's time for an end to SEC teams losing a game and only dropping one spot in the standings, While a one loss Stanford team sits in the same spot, below a just-lost SEC team.  Tired of it!

So I wrote this article a few days before Saturday, but nothing has changed.  LSU and Georgia gave up a combined 900 yards on defense.  Alabama moved from the 56th worst defense to number 27. So the SEC is on the rise...that's sarcasm. 

The Pac12 has clearly inserted itself as the best conference in the country.  Most every pundit from the mothership has jumped on board too.  I claimed in May that the PAC would be the best conference in the country,  and supplant the SEC  because of the fraud it is.  Before it was SEC defenses made the conference what it is.  I have always contended that it was the offenses that were terrible, which in turn made the defenses look Unbeatable.  Of course, when you put your best players on defense, your offense is going to struggle.  Now that the SEC offenses are getting better, it's the SEC defenses that are getting all the blame.  The pac12 has always had a good balance of offense and defense, Which has made them one of the, if not the best conference's in the country over the long run, not just the last seven years.  When USC gets back to its usual form, there will be no question who the best conference in the country is.  There's no question the pac12 has the best coaches in the country right now, doesn't it stand to reason that the teams should be the best as well.

  I'm tired of east coast bias, and money runny the show,, the title game being played on the 10th of January, tired of the SEC getting an automatic bid to the title game, and the two loss runner-up getting an automatic BCS game over deserving 1-loss team. I'm tired of Stanford not getting a shot at Alabama, tired of the Notre Dame automatic bid (Fuck Notre Dame, why are they entitled to a BCS game above other deserving teams if they finish ranked at a certain number.  Im tired of the big 12 sucking so bad and getting a BCS shot without a conference championship game.  I'm tired of the Big Ten sucking so bad That Ohio State will go undefeated two years in a row.  The Big Ten has one team that could compete in the pac12 and it's not Michigan. (Michigan narrowly, I mean barely escaped Akron and Yukon).  This is a disgrace. I don't care if they were overlooking Akron for Yukon.  After those two victories, and the one over lowly Notre Dame, Michigan has no business in the top 25.  That leaves Ohio State.  Wisconsin is not a Rose Bowl team, nor is Nebraska.  That leaves Ohio State in a one- team conference.  The big 12 and Baylor is a one team conference ( Oklahoma might make two) .  The ACC might give the SEC a battle for the second spot.  My point in all this is that the pac12 has none of these problems.  They are solid 1 through 7.  Yeah, they don't have Johnny Manziel, but Juke-master-Johnny plays on a team with the 110th worst defense in the country.  Georgia, in my opinion the best team in the SEC, is also one of my worst teams in the SEC.  The conference is a cluster-fuck, wake up!