ESPN Interview: Sark now Sounding like a Politician

He's certainly not exclaiming, "I am not a crook!" and neither has he been caught sending his henchmen to break into the headquarters of Pac-12 opponents.

But Washington head coach Steve Sarkisian is sounding more and more like a politician these days. Long gone is the Sark who once said "I've never been congratulated so much for losing a game," after a loss to LSU in 2009.

Sarkisian now is in full persuasion mode. Here's an excerpt from his interview with ESPN's Ivan Maisel that is available via the ESPN College Football U Podcast.     (To hear Sark, go to the 29:00 mark). Comments in parenthesis are from Hardcore Husky...

Maisel: How do you measure the progress that has happened over the last three years?

Sark: It's really been awesome. As a head coach you have to take a step back and assess the entire body of work instead of the result. (Huh? Why can't we assess results?) From where we began, from what we inherited (Never forget that we were 0-12 five years ago, it lowers what's expected of me as a head coach), to where we are today, I couldn't be more proud of our staff and organization for what we've accomplished (You wouldn't have been prouder to have gone to the Rose Bowl?). We've gone to 3 consecutive bowl games. The only other teams in our conference to do that are Stanford and Oregon. (You're comparing us to Stanford and Oregon? Why not compare us to Alabama while you're at it.) We've knocked off top 10 teams, two of them last season.  (This is a valid point worthy of mention). I feel for our team and our supporters that we stubbed our toe late in the year in the Apple Cup and the Vegas Bowl because we were a 9-4 football team. (No, you were a 7-6 football team. You yourself said in 2009 that there are no moral victories at Washington).  Our record didn't show that when we finished 7-6. Man we accomplished a lot with all the injuries we suffered. Sometimes the record doesn't show how much you accomplished but I was proud of what we did last year."

Listening to that interview literally made me cringe.