College Doog's Friday Football Forecast

Mad_Son (3-1)

If UW wins this game in convincing fashion it will go a long ways towards convincing me that Sark has built something here. At this point our team is no longer a complete embarrassment but Stanford is capable of dominating decent teams. They play a physical style of football that matches up well against our middling DL and our untested OL. While I don't think Stanford is as talented at the skill positions as we are I am of the belief that the lines win football games.

Aside from Stanford's physical superiority we are also going to be playing on the road which has long been a problem for us. It has been a long time since we have been a team capable of asserting ourselves on the road, let alone against the best. The UW's last win against a top 5 team on the road was the 2002 Apple Cup and before that was the Whammy in Miami. Until I see the UW can compete anywhere I won't expect it.

Combining the physical and mental aspects things just don't look great for UW. I am really not sure where we stand so it is hard to decide whether we will get plungered or just lose. I know Stanford will want revenge from last year so I don't think we can sneak up on them but I am just not feeling full plunger.

Stanford 38
UW 14

AZ Duck (2-2)

I'm traveling, so I'm posting on shitty hotel wifi.

This game is either going to expose the lack of discipline and shit line play that UW has been showing over the last 4 games, or, we're all wrong about Sark.

Barring a significant injury to the Stanford QB... Washington will not beat Stanford. Especially not on the road.

Stanford 44
Washington 19

Road Dawg (4-0)

I have a hard time believing UW will win. Here are five reasons why.

1. Josh Nunes will not be the best player on the field- Last year, Josh Nunes was the best player UW had. Unfortunately for UW, he is not even on Stanford's roster this year.

2. The game is on the road- Sark's teams are 7-16 on the road. Many of these losses have been plunger rapes. The last seven times UW has played a ranked team on the road, UW has been blown out all seven times. I know Sark and the players talk about this team being different, but that remains to be seen. Until proven otherwise, I'm going to assume this team sucks on the road.

3. Stanford's front seven on defense averages 332 pounds and these boys are ready to rumble. Okay, they may not average 332 pounds, but they are really fucking good. Can the UW offensive line keep these guys out of the backfield and keep Keith Price clean?

I forgot reasons four and five, but let's just say I see Stanford winning this one rather easily, say 34-17.

Stanford 34 Washington 17

dnc (4-0)

The season either ends or a new era begins Saturday. The Will Shamburger in me spent about 30 seconds today pondering the possibility that this team could be 9 days from national championship contention. I'm not going to lie, dooging can be fun. Ignorance is bliss and whatnot.

Alas, my fantasy lasted but a moment and when I came to, I remembered the massive advantage the Tree has in the trenches. I think their DL will expose our OL from the start, and by the third quarter we'll see our first glimpses of 2012 Keith Price since that initial pass versus Boise. Kid's a gamer, but he's going to be mistreated out there worse than a HHB on the Elevated Discussion Bored. It's going to be ugly.

Thankfully, the Dawgs do have a real edge on the edges, and our superior speed should help us to pop a couple of big plays. Plus, Bishop Sankey will do Bishop Sankey things, though perhaps not as many of them as usual. Stanford wins and it won't be a last minute heartbreaker, but the overused enemy plunger will remain under the sink for one more week until Passion's favorite classy poasters arrive in Montlake.

The Dawgs will keep it close enough to host ESPN Gameday, so the eyes of the nation will be on the Dawgs next week. FREE PUB never felt so good, at least until kickoff.

But I digress, that's for next week's predictions. This week, Hogan and the lineman will be enough for Stanford to take this one comfortably.

Stanford 33
UW 24

OTOH, if Sark pulls this one out, prepare for me to go full doogtard next week. The ball's in your court, Sark. WOOF!

Stanford 33
UW 24

College Doog (3-1)

Oh, the Stanford game. As a youthful pup, too young to remember the Willingham years, Stanford was the annual doormat with no fans and no sizzle. Even when UW sucked, the Stanford game could be penciled in as a W. What the hell happened? Why was there a football renaissance, bringing in one of the best coaches (Harbaugh) in the game today? I thought Stanford was content to be an Olympics sports/basketball school. Those early/mid 2000’s teams were awesome and Stanford was the premier b-ball program on the west coast. But now the tides have turned. Football is the #1 priority.

I was down at Stanford a couple summers ago, and their facilities were remarkable. Three perfectly cut grass fields, and a turf one. A football only weight room, and an operations center that makes UW’s new offices pale in comparison. Oregon without the over the top glitz. These boys are serious about football, and even if they have no fans, UW is going to get reamed, and our program will be re-exposed for the 100th time.

A great running back? Check. Solid quarterback play? Check. An easy schedule that has doogs watering at the mouth? Check. That was Stanford 2011 but there’s really no difference heading into this year’s matchup.  Stanford will run the same fucking Power off the Right Tackle for 300 yards. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Stanford 65

Washington 21