Duckfighter Illustrated: The Defense Rests

It's November

Gut wrenching loss for our DAWGS

Cuogs control the North

SC wraps the South

DAWGS looking for a bone


A Tale of Three Defenses

By Race Bannon

Georgia, Alabama, and Washington entered play last weekend as the three best defenses in America by various statistics and ratings. 538 had all three as 98% favorites to beat Trump in 2020. Metrics and analytics proved that these defenses had great metrics and analytics. There was really no reason to play the games.

Then reality hit fantasy and all three defenses were worked over pretty good with only Alabama emerging unscathed after a close call in Starkville. Other than late garbage time scoring by Colorado State and Texas A&M, Bama was giving up their usual 7-10 points per game by smothering the run and blanketing the pass.

But Alabama has suffered a number of injuries as most schools do by November and they have had to shift things around on the back end. Miss State QB, Paddy Fitzgerald, took advantage with his arm and his legs to lead the Bulldogs to 24 points and a late tie. Fitz was trucking Bama defenders with a gutty display of what a real QB looks like since Husky fans have long forgotten.

But Bama won and now faces Mercer in the annual playing bye before Auburn.

Georgia was number one in the nation led by former Bama DC Kirby Smart. Georgia got lit up by Auburn for 40 points in a big loss on the Plains. This is a bitter and old rivalry in the south. Auburn was geeked up and oh yes, it is November. Where dreams go to die.

Our DAWGS took a trip to Stanford to face a red shirt freshman QB in his second start. The crafty Shaw plays for the Pac 12 North. Stanford has never been a serious contender for the playoffs but they have the most Pac 12 titles for a reason. Shaw started the newbie in Pullman and almost stole a win. But Shaw knew the win he had to have was over Washington, so he got the kid some valuable experience.

All Abbot Costello did was throw up jump ball after jump ball and UW was helpless to defend it due to injury issues of their own. It's November, where dreams go to die.

Washington failed to build a large lead when things were going their way and once the worm turned the party was over thanks to the clutch performance of Jake Browning, who is cooler than the other side of the sun when the game is on the line.

This one hurt a lot and this grizzled columnists hopes that defeats continue to hurt a lot because that means we are playing for something.

So, Fire Petersen?

It's not just a funny story you know. I really did want to fire Don James numerous times over his career because for 18 years every game mattered and we were in the fight for the Pac 10 title. And every time we threw out a stinker of a loss we would be pissed off and want to fire everyone. And we didn't have an internet. We had to walk five miles in the snow uphill both ways to express our opinion.

This has turned into a frustrating season. Not because we went 7-5 again but because we can go 11-2 and be unhappy with it. The 2 losses sting. I started caring again during the Peach Bowl when I wanted to [redacted] Jake Browning. We still have a Browning issue and it is now ruining the experience of this Husky team.

Browning is an abject embarrassment to have on the field repping the DAWGS. Despite all the issues we had the ball in hand and 2 minutes to win. You know the rest.

The good news is UW was more physical than Stanford in the first half and more talented at most positions. Stanford's tall receivers made the difference but the game was lost when the DAWGS fucked around and gave Stanford life and hope. Then the physical edge shifted and it was hang on time. You can't fuck around against your main rival for the North. Shaw is a better coach than we give him credit for and he won that battle Friday night.

We need to keep recruiting and developing. We need depth at key positions. We need to do what we do best and not have our play calling go off into retard land at key moments. There is a lot of good on this team which makes the bad hurt all the more.

So no, we won't fire Petersen after 20 years of waiting for someone competent. We'll just keep advising him on how to have a great program. If he will only listen to us, the state of the program should be fine.


The Cuogs have the week off to prepare to lose the North in the Apple Cup...The DAWGS host Utah...Stanford will beat Cal to clinch the North...USC is in from the South and waits on the winner of the North...The SEC takes the week off for some cupcakes in advance of rival week...The SEC knows how to schedule, get on TV and win the pub game....Larry Scott is the Jake Browning of conference

commissioners...Truck racings fans got a treat Friday night...Game time for Utah is midnight Pacific time...losing sucks and should be avoided at all costs...Fuck