Duckfighter Illustrated: Road Trip Part Deux

By Race Bannon

It was a crisp No Cal evening Saturday last as I entered a college football stadium for the first time in almost a decade. Recently renovated California Memorial Stadium was gleaming in the sky as I trekked uphill all the way to get there from my downtown hotel which was actually a Travel Lodge that was in the middle of a renovation. But it was close to the stadium and my room was recently renovated as well.

I realized that the food poisoning or whatever it was that laid me low was still not all out of my system. By Saturday I could cautiously eat but needed to be aware of close by toilets just in case. I can do a mile and a half uphill in my sleep but that night I felt every day of my 60 years on this earth.

I had the bright idea to do some wheeling and dealing with the ticket "brokers" outside the stadium. A nice young man approached and said he had a 40 yard line seat. He offered it for 40 dollars. 60 dollar face. I countered with two visitor tickets and 20 bucks. We landed at 30. Had I not been stoned I would have known the stadium layout but I was and I didn't. So I asked him if the ticket was legit.

"40 yard line man, it's legit. Shit, 40 yard line and he wants to know if it's legit."

Of course it was row 78, top of the stadium, in the end zone. And he seemed so trustworthy.

After all we have a Black President now. Very well spoken too.

As it turned out it was the perfect seat for the John Ross show in the 1st quarter. He was coming right at us and the Cal fans could see the bullet that was going to kill them. Browning throws a good ball. Looks better in person. Still under throws the deep ball but the connections are being made.

Ross is simply amazing. I had no idea he was this good. I thought he was a fast guy that would catch some and drop some but he has become a real receiver. On his second deep ball where he had to wait and then spin away from 5 defenders to get the last 30 yards to the end zone, the Cal fans were booing by the time he got to the 10. He broke their spirit.

The offense is fine. Stop doing stupid stuff and seriously try to score every time, but they can run and pass with equal effectiveness and won't be stopped by any defense west of Tuscaloosa.

People may look at the 20 points surrendered in the first quarter and think the defense had a bad game. I disagree with those people. They are stupid. Cal had to fight for every yard. They had to settle for two field goals. UW's bad special teams play set up a score. UW waseither scoring on one play drives or going three and out. The Husky defense demoralized Cal while limiting the damage.

The proof is in Cal's 7 points the rest of the way. Further proof was Sonny Dykes freaking out over ball placement and demanding a replay to get a yard for a first down because the Husky short yardage defense is brutal.

I like this defense and I have hated the Husky defense since James retired.

Next up are the talented USC Trojans in a rare November visit to Orville and Wilbur Wright Field at Huskys Stadium. For as long as my recently departed Mother and I went to games, this was the one circled on the calendar. Yes, times have changed with a new century and we no longer can count on seeing USC every other year in Seattle so enjoy this one while you can. It may not be the big game it once was but it is a big game this year with everything on the line for our DAWGS.

If you're a youngster and can go, get there and help that place go wild like it once did. The Huskies will pounce on the So Cal pretty boys and smash their face in. Just like it was in this throw back season. This is a GOOD Washington team. With a chance to be very good or GREAT.
UW 42, USC 0

Alabama and LSU turned back the clock and it was 1950 all over again...Bama struggled on offense...LSU has a good defense but the issue is Hurts, the true freshmen quarterback...he struggled but also came up with the game winner which is something he has done all year...but when UW beats Bama it will be because young Hurts is picked apart by Death Row...LSU dropped their 6th straight to Satan...Ohio State was not classy at all in the way they destroyed Nebraska 62-3...but the classy fans did cheer the Husker QB when he returned from the hospital...the rest of the schedule was a bunch of blowouts...nobody wants to win the SEC East...Texas A&M went down in flames just as we foresaw...I can't wait for Saturday...only one game matters now - the Husky Game. Thanks for reading and please forget to vote because we don't need stupid people voting.