Duckfighter Illustrated: Larry Scott is an Idiot, Cal will win the P12 North, and other musings


By Race Bannon



It's all about the D

USC and Stanford put on an entertaining game that featured great offense and no D between the two of them. USC honks were talking about the big improvement on the D but I saw USC plain outscore the Card squad. Whoever plays the best defense in the conference will win it.

The Big D, Sam Darnold is for real. Read it and weep. He can break down a defense and his accuracy is scary. Throw in the skill players a NFL team would like to have and you have a team that will be hard to beat.

Time for David Shaw to move on.

Jim Harbaugh knew Stanford was only a stepping stone and got out while he could. To his credit, Shaw has lasted longer and actually won some conference championships. But time is running out on the gritty, hard working, inner city white kids that Shaw relies on.

Stanford gave up 44 to UW last year and 42 to USC last week. It's over.

Recruit this

USC is stocked at wide out and running back with guys that couldn't find Seattle on a map because they don't give a shit about UW and never did and never will. This is not new but struck me once again watching them Saturday. When properly coached they beat UW 9 out of 10 times. Darnold takes away our strength on defense and the well documented quarterback issues won't let UW out score them.

We won't play USC

Being one dimensional doesn't work. No matter how great the defense, if the offense is a drooling idiot, or the play caller is, the defense will eventually get worked. At some point you have to score. See HAWKS v Green Bay for clarification.

Husky skill players don't look or play like USC skill players. Sad!

Pettis is remarkable

Anytime you replace DeShaun Jackson in the record books you are good. For the second week in a row, our MVP. There is no one else on that offense though. We are looking at 5 losses minimum.

Oregon is not back

Nebraska is every bit as bad as that 42- 21 half time score showed. But even with a worse QB than Browning, one of the very few, they still came back and had a shot at the end.

Just as Oregon faded in the game so will they fade in the season. Herbert is good but that's not enough. Might want to try some Clearasil too. Sloppy and stupid is no way to go through the season, ducks.

The SEC is dead

But Bama is still alive. They look like the only 10 win team in either division. Georgia and Tennessee will see who can lose the East. Hurts gives a great team a chance against Bama but I don't think there is a great team out there this year.

The B1G is dead

Ohio State has the offense blues and as stated earlier the over worked defense collapsed late. Michigan and Penn State are frauds. Rutgers lost to Eastern Michigan. A league full of refuse.

Boomer Sooner

Big win as Baker Mayfield said goodbye to Columbus with a flag plant at the 50. Mayfield isn't pretty he just makes plays. Gritty guy that lives in the film room.

Boise State sucks

Nuff said on that

Pac 12 Power ratings:

Championship game prediction: Cal v. USC

Playoff teams





The Pac 12 was 1-3 after dark. Another 4 games were on China TV. Larry Scott is an idiot. The Arizona schools need to LEAVE. Thanks for reading.