My union contract calls for two weeks of vacation which I am going to take now meaning the season is over for me. I hate our fans as always and hate my readers more and frankly, I've had enough of all of you, so fuck off.

Last I checked Scott Woodward is still the AD and UW is trying to avoid #StadiumDefault by destroying the game day experience in a futile attempt to raise revenue out of a half empty stadium thanks to over a decade of shitty football and Larry Scott's innovative late night November games against Oregon State network.

Hiring Chris Petersen appears to be dumb luck even though the sandy vags are menstruating heavily over the wrong take away from Saturday's loss to Arizona. Same as it ever was, fans are fucking stupid.

iDawg, Hillsboro Dawg and myself were almost alone in pinpointing the fatal blow to Husky Football as being that June day when Rick was fired and Gilby was hired. It finished off a program that had been clinging to life ever since the August 1993 massacre that brought us Babs and Lambo.

The rabble as usual were all in favor of firing Rick for all the wrong reasons at exactly the wrong time. Water is wet.

When Turner hired Ty and the Half Brain podcasts were born midway through the 2007 season the full out revolt began in the hills of Cuba with a small band of soon to be exiled rebels waiting to storm the casinos.

Now that movement has been co opted as always by its own popularity leading us to the specter of fucktards lining up to  be the first to  scream Fire Petersen! after ten games. That was never the point and was never the goal. You have to be Kim Grinolds fucking stupid to think it was. Because that is what he always accused us of.

I was defending Sark after his second year because of a winning streak and Holiday Bowl win. All I have ever wanted is a winning football program and I don't care who the coach is who brings it. That was the flaw with the Rick hate - it was personal, not professional. He looked at other jobs. He gambled!

It is obvious who wasn't alive during the Don James years. It is clear who wasn't there when he blew back to back Rose Bowls by losing the Apple Cup or lost to Navy and Oregon at home during Rose Bowl runs or went 6-5 or lost to Oregon State as a 30 point favorite or blew a national championship by losing to 3-7-1 UCLA at home in 1990.

You think Petersen isn't the next Don James because Cooper fumbled? Really?

We are still operating under the same administrative mindset that killed Husky Football but we have a chance here to bring it back to life anyway. Petersen cheated at Boise and Duck fans hate him because his Boise thugs cheap shot their way to two wins by head hunting and knee chopping. My kind of guy. Canard's hatred isn't out of concern for the future of Husky football.

This team is better today than it was in September and they will take a leap forward next year. You heard it here first. There were one hundred bad things that happened Saturday to lose the game but we're focused on the end because for once in their miserable and pathetic lives the kids didn't quit  and fought through adversity and hung in there and played tough and hit hard. And they lost because that's what losers do but that is changing now. It took a long time to become a punching bag and it will take a little more time to become the puncher but I saw it happening Saturday because I can look past the obvious and I am numb to the particulars of an individual loss because the Half Brains have always been about the big program picture while the doogs pick fly shit out of their eyes.

Our intern Thomas Fremont said enough with the Don James comparisons and that's fine since most of you have no idea who he was or what he actually did. But enough with all comparisons to Ty or Sark or Hawkins or anyone else.

He's Chris Fucking Petersen and he's here to do a job. Cry, bitch, and moan all you want, I'm going to enjoy the balance of the football season as My Tide Roll to another national championship with a coach who was barely mediocre at Michigan State and got curb stomped by Lambo and Ty in bowl games.

UCLA will win the south. Oregon will find a way to not win the national championship and the play off will be cool. UW will win out and for the first time in a long time the off season will seem long because I can't wait for next year.

See you then and fuck off as always.


The undead Noles spotted the former Canes a large lead and then came back to win yet again...instead of hating on the Noles, Duck fans should be praying to play them in the playoffs, but they are Duck fans so what do they know...Melvin Gordon ran his way to the Heisman with 408 yards on only 25 carries in a remarkable performance as Wisconsin routed Nebraska...Ohio State dusted off Minnesota to stay in my top four...Bama beat the #1 team in the nation to lead my top four...Arkansas finally got a SEC win...Florida fired Muschamp...line of the day was Steve Spurrior saying he must be getting old because he felt sorry for the other coach after the game...Steve knew that was it for Will...Spurrior was later spotted at the Gainesville Airport...lot of good football left this year and I am looking forward to all of it...thanks for reading or not...who cares?