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Huskies hang around until Third quarter to claim moral defeat

Race Bannon from Tucson, site of the ASU game

It's late in the season of 2002 and Rick Neuheisel is 4-5 with three games left against the NW non rivals.

Rick invents the Northwest Championship to get his team to keep the winning record and bowl streaks alive.

Veteran Husky fans grumble and complain and mock Rick.

UW beats Oregon 42-14 at Autzen, the last win there for the UW.

UW completes the sweep by beating a Top Ten Cougar squad at Pullman in the greatest Apple Cup ever.

Nate Robinson, soft Neuheisel recruit.

Huskies mail in the Sun Bowl and get blown out to finish 7-6.

Rick is not fired in December.

Rick interviews for Forty Niner job.

Rick is overheard by the Seattle PI (RIP) TV writer.

Rick is ratted out for GAMBLING in a Final Four pool. He won it.

The program is going to get the DEATH PENALTY if Rick isn't fired in June.

That will ruin Husky Football for a decade at least, they were warned.

We HAVE to do it. Rick is fired and later collects millions from the UW for the way the firing was handled.

Keith Gilberston is hired as the new Husky Head Coach with less than two months before the season.

Local Husky writer predicts a 12-0 season.

Gilby, as the new coach is known, was fired for taking a crisp Cal program built by Bruce Snyder and burning it to the ground.

Gilby will get support at UW.

Nobody can win at Cal.

Jeff Tedford leads Cal to the Husky Stadium scoring record by an opponent.

We can't make him interim, it will hurt recruiting.

UW loses to Nevada.

Gilby needs time to get his players in.

Gilby asks the right questions of recruits.

You have no idea of the damage that Rick did.

It's not Gilby's fault that the team is filled with soft Neuheisel recruits.

Nate Robinson is playing basketball.

Gilby needs to sweep the NW schools to go 6-6.

Soft Neuheisel recruit breaks Hugh McElhenny's school record for total yards in win over OSU.

Pickett goes down forcing Gilby to run the damn ball and UW beats Oregon 42-10 at Husky Stadium. This would be the last win ever for the Huskies over Oregon.

UW beats a Top Ten WSU team at Husky Stadium.

UW goes 6-6 in 2003, their last non losing season until 2010.

Gilby brings in solid recruiting class that is filled with non qualifiers.

2004 Huskies go 1-10

Rick played guitar.

Rick played music at practice.

Rick went river rafting with the team.

Rick didn't recruit linemen.

Rick's recruits were soft.

Gilby had to change the culture.

Gilby is fired.

Harvey Road is banned from a message board.

CollegeDoog gets laid.

New President Mark Emmert hires Todd Turner as Athletic Director.

Todd Turner gets it.

Emmert will be the best friend the football program has ever had.

Emmert and Turner fly to Chicago and look into each other's eyes and hire Tyrone Willingham as head coach.

Ty will need to change the culture.

Ty needs time to get his guys in.

Ty has a system.

Ty is a program builder.

Ty won multiple Rose Bowls at Stanford.

Notre Dame was racist.

Why wouldn't we hire a coach that we beat like a drum and who just got fired by a football school?

WeWereAFootballSchool shows up and is banned at Dawgman

Harvey Road is banned by another Scout site

We were 1-10, nobody would take the job.

Ty is a transitional hire who will clean some things up and save us from the death penalty.

I'm a lot more proud of my degree than I am of some stupid football game.

You need some perspective. Take a walk with your wife, the sun is out.

We almost beat USC!

We took Cal to overtime!

Ty is 11-25 after three years.

Hugh Millen has verifiable statistical proof that shows an 11-25 record really sucks.

You would have fired Frank Beamer!

You probably think we should go 12-0 every year.

In October of that third season the first Husky Halfbrain podcast hits airwaves to rave reviews.

They are compared to Che Guevara, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, and Fidel Castro. By themselves.

They talk of storming the Havana casinos on New Year's Eve.

UW loses to Hawaii.

Certainly Willingham will be fired.

Emmert retains Willingham and calls boosters "grossly inapropriate".

Emmert then blames Turner and fires him.

Emmert hires his Pool Boy as the new Athletic Director.

Five reasons UW will beat Oregon in the 2008 opener appear.

Oregon beats UW.

I believed in Ty until the Oregon game!

The season ends after one game. UW goes 0-12.

Willingham is fired but allowed to coach out the season to protect the perfect record.

Shortly after Ty is fired, local Husky website owner writes  a courageous editorial calling for Ty to be fired.

Knowing that Husky fans love defense, Emmert and Pool Boy look each other in the eyes and hire an offensive coordinator from USC with no head coaching experience.

There is nothing for Sark to do here, he owes it to the USC kids to coach in the Rose Bowl.

We get FREE PUB.

Damone is banned for FREE PUBBING every post.

It wasn't funny after 23 times.

You should answer Kim's phone for a day.

Some of you will be gone and there won't be any warning.

Sark needs to change the culture.

Sark needs time to get his own guys in.

Sark is a great recruiter.

Sark plays music at practice.

Sark takes the kids out on the lake.

Sark is the best play caller in America.

UW opens the Sark era with a home loss to LSU.

The classy Husky fans rise as one to give the Huskies a standing ovation for losing.

Sark realizes he is in a coach's dream land.

"I had no idea how simple minded these folks are"

Sark goes 5-7 only one year removed from 0-12.

Sark goes 7-6 only two years removed from 0-12.

Sark goes 7-6 only three years removed from 0-12.

Sark goes 7-6 only four years removed from 0-12.

2013 will be special.

The year after next always looks good.

We just need to get rid of the players we have now.

Recruiting has been awesome.

There's a bumper crop of linemen next year.

The fence is an outdated concept.

Don James never played a ranked Oregon State team.

Oregon beats UW 45-24, for the tenth victory in a row since the program was saved.

I still believe in Sark even after the Oregon game.

You can't expect to beat Oregon. They are highly ranked, have great coaching and better players.

Sark is a great recruiter.

You can't count his first class because he was coaching the Rose Bowl for FREE PUB.

If we win 10 games this year we should have really great recruiting.

The Huskies finish 2013 with a 10-2 record as we go to print.

Maybe you'll get this but you probably won't.

Fuck off.