College Doog's Friday Football Forecast

Mad_Son (7-2)

The best part about playing on Friday is that you're the only (non-high school) game to watch. Everyone gets to see your great victory or plungered defeat. In the case of the UW game the country will get to watch two very talented, yet highly penalized, teams face off. UCLA has greater talent on the lines but they are actually pretty young there. Will this work in UW's favor?

UW has struggled against UCLA for a long time and has struggled on the road under Sarkisian. UCLA hasn't passed any tests yet against real competition to show they are a top team but coming back from down 21 against Nebraska (regardless of how good Nebraska is) shows a resiliency I am not sure the Huskies have.

I think this will actually be a somewhat close game despite knowing that Mora is a much better coach than Sark. UW loses because they fail to convert when Sark chooses to go for it on a fourth down in the red zone which ends up being the difference in the game.

UCLA - 27
UW – 24


AZ Duck (7-2)

UCLA is bigger and more physical on the lines. Sark will call a bunch of stupid passing plays when Sankey is having success running the ball. ASJ will continue to be a non-factor. Price will be pressured and will make a mistake at a critical moment. Myles Jack will make Dick Baird cry. Twice. UW sucks on the road.

In other words, the script will fucking play out.

UW 28


Road Dawg (8-1)

Real football teams from real conferences don't play on Friday. I think it will be a sloppy game between two mediocre teams, with UCLA pulling away in the end. The excuses will flow out after the game about how if we were right there until the fourth quarter, if only a couple of plays went our way, the refs were terrible, and the altitude and heat were too much for UW to bear. I'm tired of Husky Football.

UCLA 38 UW 24


dnc (9-0)

I have been a UW fan as long as I can remember, somewhere in the neighborhood of 28 years. I have rooted passionately for UW in all of the 300+ games in that time save one - the 2007 Hawaii game when I rooted for the Rainbows (LOL!), thinking a loss would rid us of the scourge that was Ty Willingham. That worked well.

I am terrified of this UCLA game.

Not terrified that UCLA will plunger UW. No, terrified that they won't.

As a charter member of the Jim L Mora fan club, I have looked forward to this night ever since UW chose not to hire him in 2008. Despite the idiocy of some (Hi Section14a!) it was inevitable Mora would end up in college at some point. Wouldn't you know it, he's at a Pac12 rival and he's been kicking Sark's expanding nether regions all over the recruiting trail for the past year 23 months. Now he finally gets his chance to demonstrate his on field supremacy.

But the last decade of Husky football has trained me to expect the worst, which in this case means Sark will somehow pull off the upset, over excited doogs will fill their skinny jeans like Randy Marsh watching a cooking show, and Pool Boy will determine once and for all that Mora will never coach UW under his watch.

This nightmare scenario has haunted me all season.

Thankfully, the nightmare ends at 5pm Pacific, when Myles Jack will lead his Bruins onto the field and remind me why I feel this way in the first place. Steve Sarkisian sucks against strong opponents. He also sucks away from home. He certainly sucks against strong opponents away from home.

I'll still be terrified until it's over, but like most Sark road games, it should be over well before the final whistle.

My Bruins got this.


UCLA 38, UW 21


College Doog (7-2)

Playing on Friday is always special. It also gives Sark an extra night to hit the LA club scene and rekindle some former flames (allegedly). At this point I’m rooting for UW to lose out. It’s the only way Sark gets fired. He’s not getting hired by USC. Pat Haden is no Mike Garrett.


UW 14