College Doog's Friday Football Forecast

AZDuck (6-2)

F**k you all.

Colorado absolutely should not win this game, but don't confuse that with the idea that CU totally sucks. They will steal one this season, and the game with UW is an ideal game to steal. But I'm not calling that.

Washington 34
Colorado 24

Again, f**k you all.

Editor's note: AZDuck seems a tad distraught for some reason this morning. Hard to say why, really.

Road Dawg (7-1)

It will be an epic weekend for Doog Nation. An Oregon loss and an easy Husky win. Colorado will have no answer for Sankey. Of course, it will be a typical rough second quarter for the Dawgs, but they will pull away in the second half.

Washington 38 Colorado 21

dnc (8-0) Will he Oregon it this week?

Fresh off a humiliating if predictable loss to BYE, the Warshington Huskies gladly take a step down in competition as they host The Fighting Ralphies Saturday at HarveyRoad (RIP) Memorial Field. Colorado comes to Washington hoping to invoke the ghost of Sal "The cancer has won" Aunesi one more time, but unfortunately for them, Bill McCartney isn't walking through that door. I promise.

Sans McCartney and his grandbaby daddy, the Buffs don't stand much of chance. Washington is tanned, rested and ready to get Coach Sark to mandatory 7 wins, whereas CU is just ready to hit the slopes. Expect lots of passing early as the best play caller in America once again displays his incredible ability to forget he has the best back on the field, but not even the Huskies vaunted One Mississippi pass protection will be able to help the visitors in black and gold and white defeat the hosts in black and gold and white.

Warshington wins this one rather easily, say 44-21.

College Doog

Does Ralphie travel? It would be awesome to see someone hop him up on whatever they give to dogs to make them fight. Imagine Ralphie rampaging through Husky Stadium. Those would be the greatest 30 seconds of live television ever. One can hope.

Washington – 52

Colorado – 14  

Mad_Son (6-2)

Savor this game doogs – it’s the last win of the season.

Colorado just isn't there and unfortunately for them they will be playing here.

Oregon, Arizona State, Arizona are common opponents.

Oregon: UW +21, CU +39
Arizona State: UW +29, CU +41
Arizona: UW -18, CU +24

Diffs: UW -18, UW -12, UW -42

I'll go with UW wins by 30...

ummm... 40-10...