College Doog's Friday Football Forecast

Mad_Son (2-1)

The difference I see in this game is that it is at Husky Stadium. I think UW is a more talented team with a worse coach and at this point in the season (with both teams 0-0) it is hard to really say that one team is better or worse than last year - in fact both teams seem somewhat the same with Arizona's 0-0 start being worse than their 1-0 start from last year against Oklahoma State. It has been pointed out that UW and Arizona tend to win their home games in this series and that is good news for us. We got blown out last year in Tucson and honestly if our DL doesn't stop Carey Arizona could break that trend.

That being said I do like our ability to keep Arizona one-dimensional on offense with our back 7 against their QB. This could be a big game for Predator and Fuimaono if they get to focus on the run instead of dropping into coverage. I think we probably have the WR corp to face this defense but obviously Sankey is the key here. He should have a field day so long as Sark lets him run. Hopefully he will be well rested after the bye last week. If we go run-heavy tomorrow and force the Arizona DBs into run coverage that should get big gains on the ground AND open up some plays in the air. Here's to our defense playing close to as well against UA as the JV squads they faced in the pre-season and to a balanced offense.

Since we're at home I think we'll play better than worse.

UW - 38
UA - 28

AZDuck (1-2)

Ok, pumpchumps, I've been burning some midnight cock oil trying to figure out this game between UW and the Arizona Mildcats (lol). The thing is, as has been so often pointed out here - NOBODY HAS PLAYED ANYBODY YET, and both teams have some glaring weaknesses which have yet to be exploited. I would expect that a PAC 12 game would get that ball rolling, wouldn't you?

Glaring weaknesses on the UW side - iffy pass rush, poor OL.
Glaring weaknesses on the Bottlechuckers side - stupid as fuck 3-3-5 defense, freshman QB, no receivers.

UW gets the ersatz FOX Gameday, so you have to wonder if Seven-win Steve will be really focused on the game, what with all the Erin Andrews for-old-times-sake shagging. I don't know about you, but I'm definitely tuning in to see the fantastic signs witty UW fans will be bringing. Seriously, if there is a place for fans to gather with stupid signs, it had better be filled with HHBs. I also expect at least one sign reading "Hi Harv!"

If Sark plays his dink-and-dunk passing game (which the prior three games tell me he will), he will make the stupid 3-3-5 look good. Rook Sankey should have a field day, but will he?

Likewise Hakeem Olajuwon is a fantastic RB, and led Division 1A (I like to call it that) in rushing last year. Spread+effective running offense is something that the Huskies haven't had an answer for, and so long as the Arizona QB can toss the ball enough to keep the UW DBs honest without turning the ball over, Hakeem will get his yards.

I know I picked Arizona in the pick em, but I can't make up my fucking mind so I'm going to pick UW to win here.

Arizona 44
Washington 49

Road Dawg (3-0)

You know it is a big game when Fox Gameday is in town. Sure, nobody will watch the Fox pregame show, but still... Erin Andrews and the others at Fox should expect a sea of purple on a crisp, rainy day as fans make their walk to Pool Boy Stadium with their two dads.

As for the game itself, it will be the first real test for both teams. Arizona comes in with an All American RB in Kazaam, but their passing game has been lacking, even against the patsies they have been playing. Contain Kazaam, and make B.J. Denker beat you throwing the ball. The Wildcats also lost their two best receivers from last year so we should be able to stack the box and man up on the outsides. Arizona will get their yards, but the key will be limiting the big play.

On offense, Sark needs to keep at it with the run/pass ratio and give the ball to Bishop Sankey 30+ times. Arizona is small up front, and we should be able to run on them. Arizona has played well on defense this year, but this was a defense that was 11th in the Pac 12 last year. The jury is still out on them, and I would be surprised if they can stop Washington. The only thing that will stop Washington would be turnovers and bad play calling in the red zone.

I feel pretty confident that Washington will win this game. Expect delusional calls with visions of grandeur to the Honks after the game (DIAFF if you actually listen to them), and some posts on dawgman saying, "What do the Sark haters have to say now? 4-0!!!

Washington 42 Arizona 28

dnc (3-0)

The Dawgs kick off another 5-4 conference slate Saturday as the Arizona Wildcats visit HarveyRoad's nightmare by the lake.

Arizona brings an incredible running back, a very good coach and most of the team that plungered the Huskies in 2012, but one big thing is different, and I don't mean the presence of Two Wins Ross. Coach Sark struggles when his 90 minutes a day with Scott Woodward has to come via Skype, but when he gets to see him face to face his teams perform significantly better.

It says here that this trend continues on Saturday, as the Dawgs come out hot. A well rested Bishop Sankey will make up for the carries he didn't get last year in the desert, and the Dawgs will jump out to a 21-7 lead before The Zone empties out.

Arizona will have to abandon the run too quickly, and their new QB will be no match for an inspired Husky defense, who score at least one defensive TD in this one and generate three turnovers.

The LIFPO crowd will be dooging it up at record levels after this one, Steve Sarkisian will get a lucrative extension, Eklund will be hearing the Dawgs are doing very well with four and five star recruits from all over the nation and the lawnmower will spread on campus like mono at a high school dance.

UW will make its first and last appearance in the top 15 under Sark after this one. A few staunch old school negas will begin to reevaluate their stance on Sark. And the annual losing streak will wait one more week to begin. But don't you worry TSIO fans, it's coming soon.

Dawgs 49
Zona 17

College Doog (2-1)

I went to the last two Arizona games with my Dad on crisp fall afternoons in recently retired Husky Stadium. Actually, they were both damp and cold evenings, typical of late October Seattle weather. Now ‘Zona (I like to call them ‘Zona) will play when it’s a little warmer, and more importantly will no longer have the wrong Stoops on the sideline. Rich Rod busted out the industrial sized plunger last year and the dawgs took it like an Aaron Hernandez shower partner. A lot of things seem to be going for ‘Zona…buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut…

…I believe Sark has learned from his mistakes in that game. I know, I know, Sark rarely learns from his mistakes, but I think he has finally committed to the run. Bishop Sankey, iDawg’s (who?) favorite Coug, is a fantastic running back. His partner in crime (I like to use that cutesy phrase), Keith Price, continually sticks his middle finger in the Doogs faces. Unless your name is Oregon it’s going to be tuff to win in Pool Boy Stadium this season, and the Cats (I also like to call them the Cats) will be overmatched.

This is one of those games that can only be lost if Sark beats himself. For Christ sakes, it’s Arizona, a basketball school. Even with a win, the season that is still over has a chance to be put on life support with a win at Stanford. So what I’m saying is this game really means nothing unless they lose.

Washington – 48

Arizona – 31