College Doog's Friday Football Forecast

Mad_Son (1-1)

UW - 77
ISU - 0

Enough said.

AZDuck (1-1)

Ok, so Washington is playing a body-bag game. These are fun. I enjoyed watching our game against Nichols State, in part because you get to see the younger guys get plenty of reps. This is also the first thing to look for. If Sark is still playing starters in the fourth quarter, he needs to be fired at midfield after the game. Idaho State is so bad the first string should really be sittin g after halftime, if not sooner.

The Potato Bengals are an epically bad team. Idaho State's claim to fame is college football's first covered stadium, formerly known as the Spud Dome.

Last year Idaho State finished last in the Big Sky, with their lone win coming against Black Hills State, a school I did not know exists.

Here is a link to Black Hills State's football stadium:

Here is a link to Idaho State's stadium:

I have no idea why people in Idaho can't build fucking football stadiums. Somebody should look into that.

And that brings us to a point of pride you can take away from this game: winning it guarantees UW a share of the Idaho state footballs championship. You've beaten Boise State, you will beat Idaho State, and nobody cares about the University of Idaho (they also play footballs in a large barn). Barring any "Gameday Championships" UW may win this year, the Idaho Championship may be the one trophy that Seven-win Steve takes home this fall.

Here's what the Idaho Journal's Chase Glofield has to say about the game:

"I don’t think there’s any way ISU wins this game. Washington is having a splendid early part of the season, and is too talented to fall to the Bengals, even if the team is looking ahead to next week’s matchup with Arizona. There’s no doubt Idaho State will play its hardest until the bitter end, and will even punch across a score or two. A 53-point (spread) is a lot, even with the talent discrepancy between the two sides.

Washington 56, Idaho State 17"

Chase is too optimistic.

Washington 63
Idaho State 6

dnc (2-0)

UW 53
ISU 10

The season is over

RoadDawg (2-0)

Yeah, this may not be a great game, but I hear the tailgating in Pocatello is amazing. Now, that is just what I am hearing, so don't rub it in my face when I am wrong. What about all the times I have been right? I, personally am very excited to check out the Holt Dome. We are very lucky to get to play a game in such a nice stadium. I plan on getting in the gates at least three to four hours early to take it all in. It should be a great time.

As for the game itself, Washington wins big. Deonte Cooper will score his first touchdown and their will not be a dry eye in the stadium. You will see a couple of true freshmen in the fourth quarter getting their first playing time and you will wonder why in the world are we burning their redshirt. It happens all the time in these kind of games. Hopefully, we come out with no injuries, and the day will be a success. The Greyhound ride back to Seattle will be filled with smiling fans, all wearing purple and gold.

Washington 70 Idaho State 7

College Doog (1-1)

If you watch more than 10 minutes of this game you live a miserable and pathetic life. F*** you Scott Woodward.

Washington   59

Idaho State    7