College Doog's Friday Football Forecast

Game time's almost here! In a burst of original inspiration, we came up with the idea of giving predictions on Fridays before the game. So without further ado, here's College Doog and his esteemed colleagues making their selections for the Washington vs. Boise State game on Saturday.

The Friday Football Forecast... A tradition still going strong since August 2013.


I've been hearing this is the youngest, most talented Boise State team to date (much like the Huskies every year). I don't really follow Boise State closely but I know that we have more talent than they do. We should be able to thoroughly crush the Broncos in front of a boisterous crowd in the new Husky Stadium. Should.

That being said, the Broncos have the coaching edge and they have been preparing all off-season for this game. Anything can happen in the first week when sloppy play abounds. Accordingly I am going to give the edge in this game to the most disciplined team - Boise State. It will be a disappointing night for Husky fans breaking in a brand new stadium.

Boise State - 28
Washington – 24


I want to start by linking some excellent PREMIUM! content from dhdawg (FREE PUB!!):

Peterson is doing what good coaches do: he's developing talent down the roster and getting the most from his practices. The Donkeys (lol, I like to call them that) are going to be better than they were last year.

First games tend to be sloppy, but I think that Peterson will minimize mistakes and sloppy play, plus their QB (Southwick) is growing back his 'stache, which according to Boise fans gives him super powers or something. And your OL really sucks, which will negate the good things that Sankey could do for you (assuming that Sark remembers to call running plays).

If Boise wins, and I think they will, Husky fans can feel better if one of their players cold cocks one of Boise's players. I know I replayed this gif about 5000000 times after the Boise game and it *did* make me feel better about the result. HTH.

 Boise State - 24

Washington - 17



Wow, just wow. Another season of Husky Football is upon us, but it's not looking like this year will be "special." Boise State will be coming into a hostile environment at Pool Boy Field at Starbucks Stadium. They have won openers in hostile environments before, and the closer it gets to game time, the harder time I have picking against a Chris Petersen coached team.

The crowd should be a large factor in the game, but only if the Huskies play up to their ability. Who knows what to expect from a team that is Jekyl and Hyde and has a history of playing poorly in openers.

I think the Huskies will start out hot, and race to a 14-0 lead. After that, Chris Petersen will calm his guys down, and Boise State will weather the storm, methodically making a comeback. The Huskies vaunted hurry up offense will stall out in the second half and fans will be having flashbacks to last year's Apple Cup. However, this team the defense will bear down and come up with a late stop to preserve the victory.

Washington 27 Boise State 21


I may be coming to you live from Daytona Beach in the heart of SEC Country (#HiSugarSteel), but my heart is in Montlake with that 69,999 seat House That Jack Built. Though new and improved Husky Stadium's maiden voyage may only be the second most anticipated debut on Saturday after Two Wins Ross, I do believe it will give the Dawgs the winning edge, inferior coaching be damned.

Put it this way, Boise routinely beats more talented BCS foes thanks to two things: brilliant coaching and the emotional edge. I think the Stadium cancels out the second one, so this game will come down to UW's superior athletes versus the Donkeys (LOL!) greater coaching.

I think the Dawgs come out amped up and jump out to an early lead. Boise isn't going down without a fight (or a falcon punch), and will keep it close through three quarters. Midway through the final stanza, Shaq Thompson will jump a swing pass and take it the distance, and the Dawgs won't look back.

While the outcome will be truly in doubt for most of the game, the final tally will suggest the Dawgs won this one rather easily, say 34-17?


Washington will continue its dominance over the Mt West this Saturday as the Huskies face the Boise Blue Bonnets at the newly renovated football palace known as Husky Stadium. The running game will prove effective behind Habben, Tolar……. Uh whatever. Sark will give Idaho doctors the collective finger by playing his All-American tight end who’s finger will show to be up to the task. This game will be tight for a quarter, and then the feared hurry up offense will take its toll. Huskies win rather easily….. say 34-17.



2009 LSU 31 – UW 23

2010 BYU 23 – UW 17

2011 UW 30 – EWU 27

2012 UW 21 – SDSU 12

History shows us that Steve Sarkisian’s Huskies struggle in season openers, with sloppy play being the central theme in each. Against average and good teams, it costs them the game. Against poor teams, they come away with an unsatisfying win.

Expect the same sloppy play to rear its ugly head Saturday night at recently renovated Pool Boy Stadium across the 520 bridge in Medina. The excitement of the crowd and players should carry this team at least through the first quarter, but as the energy dies down the issues that have plagued Sarkisian’s teams will arise. The new up tempo offense will magnify these issues: imbalanced play calling, turnovers, and poor offensive line play.

Boise State doesn’t bring a juggernaut into town. However, Petersen gets his players ready for big games. They will be ready to counter UW’s blows with a few sucker punches of their own. Statue of Liberty anyone? Expect a back and forth game until Boise takes the lead for good in the early fourth quarter.

BSU 31 – UW 21