Big Picture Thinking

By CokeGreaterThanPepsi

Who wants to hear the final minutes of the Arizona game dissected for the five hundred thousandth time… nobody? Good. If you do, I suggest you tune into local sports radio, or slide on over to doogman.

After struggling with deciding what to talk about in my article this week I started perusing the board and seeing if any topics caught my eye. The one topic that kept coming up for me was the idea of the “big picture”.

One of the most annoying traits about today’s media world is that every little thing is looked at in a microscope over and over again, and any topic that is deemed “controversial” is immediately put to the top of the news because it gets views. This is what is currently happening out in the Seattle media right now. They are zeroing in on a game that would have made UW 3-4 in conference instead of 2-5 and trying to figure out if Chris Petersen is the right man for the job because of it. Let that sink in for a bit.

This is where the big picture of the entire program comes into frame for me. Personally, I thought Saturday was the best game of the year for this UW team. Aside from the general sloppiness (turnovers and penalties) I think that was as close to a Chris Petersen team as we have seen this season. I thought they out hit Arizona, I thought they played tough, I liked their schemes they ran offensively; they even through in a nice trick play that resulted in a touchdown.

I believe one of the most difficult aspects of this season right now for a lot of fans is the fact that we just aren’t a good team. I get that frustration, and yes, Chris Petersen deserves some blame there. That said we, as fans, have had a pretty miserable decade of Husky Football to deal with. Anyone that is still around and cares about UW Football should probably get a medal quite honestly. But I hope people are remembering the big picture here and letting the past be the past. Chris Petersen had nothing to do with Don James stepping down. Chris Petersen did not hire Barbara Hedges. Chris Petersen did not decide to gamble on March Madness. Chris Petersen is not responsible for the Tyrone Willingham years. And Chris Petersen is not Steve Sarkisian.

All of those things I mentioned above have led us to where we are as a program today. For once we made a hire which most people felt was a homerun, and I for one still believe it is a homerun hire. In some ways the old phrases we used to hear so much are coming back to bite us because they are actually true now, “He just needs more time,” “Wait ‘til he gets his guys in here,” “*Insert year here* will be special.” All of these quotes used to be jokes that were thrown around, and they still are at times. But at some point there comes a time where a coach comes into a program and these phrases actually ring true.

Chris Petersen does need more time. Just wait until Chris Petersen gets his guys in here. 2016 will be special. I’ll go as far as to say that by December of 2018 Chris Petersen will have won at least one PAC12 Championship at the University of Washington (go ahead, bookmark this, favorite it, whatever).

I believe this not because he played Arizona close on the road in a game we lost. I believe this because of what he is trying to instill in this program. Once things get going we will see a tough team that focuses on every little detail, that works hard and out executes other teams. We saw glimpses of this on Saturday, and I am excited to see that more and more going forward. It takes time to implement a whole new culture, especially for a football program that has been broken for so long.