After UCLA: Inside the Mind of CokeGreaterThanPepsi

The following is a sentence-by-sentence look at the conversation going on inside my brain the past couple of days following Saturday’s loss to UCLA:

I hate losing, we are never going to be good again, I might as well start rooting for Alabama if I want to follow a winner.

We all hate losing you baby.

Chris Petersen just lost to a coach that encourages his coaches to wear eye black and who enjoys having his players dance on the field before every fucking kickoff.

That is true, but you have to be patient, it is a process.

I’m out of patience, I am 29 years old and don’t even remember when we were a really good football school.

How is that Chris Petersen’s fault, was he here the past 12 years?

NO, of course he wasn’t, but it doesn’t mean we have to be shitty right now.

Have you seen the talent that was left behind for him this year, the 2009 team was deeper than this one, especially on offense.

Yeah, but we are in the age of offense in college football; we should be able to be somewhat competent on offense.

Our best offensive player is a linebacker, what do you expect from the offense?


Fair point, Jonathan Smith does leave a lot to be desired, so we agree there.

Chris Petersen needs to learn this is NOT THE WAC.

Why did you have to go and say that?

Because I don’t think he is that good of a coach, look at what past coaches have done when they left Boise.

Not one of those coaches can even come close to the résumé Chris Petersen had when he left Boise; really only a few coaches in the country can come close to it.

Yeah, but still, he recruits these “OKG’s” that aren’t talented at all and are choir boys.

Titus Young was an OKG.


Plus his class his first year during a transition year was really solid and he will recruit to a same or better level than Sark did.

But Sark was always in on great players!

If by “in” on great players you mean in their top 4, than yes, you are correct.

Yeah, but you have to shoot for the stars to get great.

Or you could just not waste your time going after Reuben Foster and focus on a player you have a realistic shot at.

But Sark was a top 20 recruiter; Petersen won’t do that because he can’t relate to edgy kids!

You are helpless.

I just want to win football games!

Then let the guy with a 98-16 record do his job!

But he isn’t winning enough games, Sark went 9-4* last year, I would have thought Petersen could do better; he should have just built on the foundation Sark left.

Sark built this team on a foundation of sand mixed with alcohol; the only option was to start over and implement Petersen’s proven system and build a solid foundation.

But there is just no buzz around the program, no one cares.

BECAUSE WE AREN’T WINNING ENOUGH FOOTBALL GAMES YOU DING DONG; once we start winning the “sizzle” you so long for will be back, but with actual results.


OK, in a year where Petersen is “blowing everything up” we are likely to go 8-5; if that is what happens during a transition year where we have no QB, no WR’s and our best offensive player is a linebacker I look forward to future years.

Yeah, but still, I hate losing.

This conversation is over.

Note: *= Sark actually went 8-4 last year at Washington, as he did not win the bowl game because he was not coaching.